To Get to You – Monday teaser!


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One of my favorite parts of this novel, is the dynamic between Ayla and her two older sisters, Magnolia & Pippa. Today the scene I am sharing is between Ayla and her sisters. Enjoy!!!

“Explain to me, again, why the hell we have been sitting here for an hour?” I asked, swatting an ant off my leg. The sun had begun its descent, and the mosquitos were out for blood. I was covered in bug bites for sure. Ugh. This sucked. And I left my phone at home so I couldn’t put out an SOS for help.

Magnolia was certifiably crazy. Thinking that made my heart hurt at first but after a beetle crawled up my arm fifteen minutes ago, I lost all sympathy.

“He’s cheating, and I am going to bust his ass.” Magnolia stared hard at the door of the motel like he’d miraculously emerge with his harlot.

“Except you have no clue what he’s doing. It’s all speculation. Can we go? It’s getting late, and it’s—”

“If you pull the birthday card I’m going to punch you in the tit. Catching my husband having an affair is more important than whatever losers you have plans with.” Magnolia snapped. The urge to punch her in the tit emerged.

I blew out a breath and scratched my leg. “How do you know Ethan’s here?”

“The tracking app.” She scoffed as if it was a ridiculous question. “I downloaded it like a month ago. It only works if he has his phone. He conveniently leaves it behind some days.”

I didn’t ask how she knew, because my crazy ass sister tracked his mileage daily on a spreadsheet.

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COVER REVEAL – To Get to You

If you follow me on Facebook, you would’ve seen my cover reveal of TO GET TO YOU this morning!!

tgty cover ebook

I’m pretty much obsessed with this cover. Not only because it’s beautiful, but because I created the cover art, like legit created it. I took the photos of the cover models myself and did all the design.

The pre-order should be up soon!!! I’ll post the link when it’s up and ready to pre-order.

I’ll leave you with a little TEASER!!

“Kieran.” His name rolled off my tongue like a daydream.

“Nice towel.” Kieran’s voice was deep and husky, glancing down with needy eyes to where the towel tightened around my chest. The desire in his gaze flicked away fast as a wiry grin took over his lips. “When women stalk me they usually don’t break in and shower.”

 “I am not a stalker!”

“I know.” His smile faded into something dark and serious. “It appears we never had a proper introduction. I’m Kieran DiDomizio.”






GUESS WHAT? I wrote another book! Better news? IT’S COMING OUT THIS MONTH!! It gets better too! It is a NEW ADULT novel. The cover will be released in the next week or so keep an eye out for the cover reveal!

Since I am STOKED about release, I’m going to give you guys a little TEASER of this book.

I hope you loved TO GET TO YOU, as much as I do! Without further ado, I introduce you to Ayla & Kieran!

“In case you were wondering,” Steph cleared her throat, grabbing our attention. I let go of Kieran’s hand and took a step back, giving us room to breathe. “Ayla has no gag reflex and likes to have sex in freaky places.” Blush consumed my cheeks, no doubt turning them as red as a cherry tomato while Steph grinned like the Cheshire cat.

 “Stephanie Renee!” I exclaimed, whacking my arm into hers.  Kieran laughed like she’d told a knock-knock joke and not pimped me out! Holy shit, I was ready to throat punch my best friend!

Shrugging off my humiliation, Steph had the nerve to continue. “Even better, she’s here for one night. No commitment. Since I’ve seen her naked, I can tell you her body is bangable.”

Mortified, I stared at Steph in utter shame. I was going to kill Stephanie. Kill her. There was no way in hell to recover from this mess. Getting drunk on the first night we met and telling her the intimate details of my sex life—i.e., my lack of gag reflex—was a mistake. To prove it, that night she begged me to deep throat a banana, which was all kinds of disgusting.

“Stop whoring me out!” I said low, holding myself tight.

“New Year. New You.” She smiled at Kieran and me, exhaling fast as she spouted out one of the corniest mottos ever. “Alright. You kids have fun! Remember, condoms do more than protect you from STDs.” Stephanie waved and hopped toward the merch booth where the other guy was playing on his cell phone.

I couldn’t believe how quickly the conversation had turned uncomfortable. It was clear I had two clear choices—dare to look at him or walk away with my head hung low like a kicked puppy. I slowly pulled my head out of my ass and sighed, surprised by his relaxed, collected expression. Kieran seemed more amused than anything else.

“Sorry about that. What Steph said. It wasn’t…”

“True?” One eyebrow cocked up.

“It was mostly true,” I let out a nervous chuckle and tucked my hair behind my ears. “I don’t usually lead with my gag reflex when I meet strangers.”

Kieran’s easy grin stirred a low flutter in my belly. “How would you?”

“How would I what? Introduce myself to you?” I asked. He nodded, shoulders hunched, bringing us closer. “Honestly? I wouldn’t have.”

I shuddered as a breeze slipped over my neck, being all too honest with him was mildly frightening, but in a world where I lived as an actress, being myself was hit or miss.

“Ouch.” He winced, running a hand over the small shadow of scruff on his jaw. “The truth hurts.”

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Behind the Scenes Interview

I am not a big fan of country music, but LOVE this song. It’s so summery. 

Recently my critique partner/best friend extraordinaire was interviewed on what it was like to work with me. For those of you who don’t know, Steph is my right hand and the loud devil yelling at me on my shoulder as I write. She basically has her nose in my writing from the first sentence to the last. From idea to published. Hilarious and fiesty, we have way too much fun talking about characters like they are real life people.

The interview as a hole wasn’t used, only pieces for an article on me. So I decided to share it so the world could see how amazing she is. Hence why FORGET ME NOT is dedicated to her.


This is Stephanie & her adotable daughter (who is betrothed to my son haha)

What is your favorite part about working with Angela’s writing? Getting to be the first one to read it. I get to see the raw unedited mess that it is before she works her magic on it and makes it become something incredible. I go through and give my opinion on what should stay or go. I get to read parts and literally cry over things that happen. I have so many favorites about working with her, but I think my favorite is that I get to work with my very best friend, how many people get to say that?

Can you still enjoy the books as a reader? How? Yes, without a doubt. Each time  I find something new. There is so much imagination behind what she writes, it’s amazing.

What’s the biggest thing you and Angela have ever butted heads over? The guys! While I love both Wolf and Jaxson, I have moments where I love one over the other and I want her to do what I want—not what Ange does. I get so heated talking boys. It’s to the point now, where before she send me chapters, I ask her if I’m going to be mad and if I’ll want to punch her in the throat or not. It’s one of our running jokes now.

So you say you fight about boys, set the record straight for us, Team Wolf or Team Jaxson? What about Angela, what team do you think she’s on? Team Jax, because Wolf pissed me off. Ange will forever be a Wolf girl. 

How did your partnership come about? Well having the role of “best friend” has it’s perks. Haha.  After the first book was out, she asked me to read the second book, FORGET ME NOT, as she wrote. One thing turned into another and I ended up taking on many hats way beyond reading. I loved the fact that she wanted me to help her with something that I knew was important to her. She trusted me with something that means a lot to her, knowing I would be brutally honest. And I am brutally honest!!! When it sucks, I tell her.

How have you seen the books evolve over time?  I’ve seen the rough drafts all the way to the finished product. Before helping her with this I really didn’t know much about the process and what all writers had to do just to get their amazing thoughts and ideas out on paper. I mean she would send me something to look over then maybe 20 minutes later tell me she changed what I just read. There were times when I would tell her WHY??? What you had was already so good. But then I would read the rewrite and it was better. I’ve come to think of the characters as people I know. They have come alive for me and I will talk to Ange about them like they are family. We sometimes get into heated debates over them, which is hilarious.

What are your hopes for the future of the books?  I WANT MORE. I always tell her she should do more than a trilogy. She has so many ideas and so much imagination, she could write more books. We have discussed different things about where the books will go and what she could do with the ideas in the future.

What would you say you have had the greatest influence over in the “Forgotten Fairytale” series? I think being brutally honest with her about what I liked or didn’t like in the books. If I think there were things that she could’ve done differently or worded differently, I’ll tell her. Sometimes she’d change them and sometimes she’d read it to me and I would be like “oh ok I see what you mean.” Also, there are several inside jokes sprinkled throughout the book. Things we say jokingly with one another and with our other friend, Sarah, she’ll take and put them in the book, just as a shout out to us. It’s nice to read something and be like, “oh wow I said that” or I did that, and she put it in her book. That’s so awesome.

If you had to pick one scene from the series, which is your favorite? Book One Chapter Nineteen is my favorite. Besides what is happening between her and Wolf, I love the imagery of the snowflies, how beautiful they are and how there is nothing but an ice lake and beautiful white snow all around. Snow is my favorite and the scene…it’s tragically beautiful.
Can you tell us anything about book 3? What’s going to happen with Norah after the crazy cliff hanger at the end of Forget Me Not?   SPOILER ALERT, DO NOT READ IF YOU HAVEN’T READ BOOK 2I cried right off the bat, it’s really good, you won’t be disappointed. As far as Norah, I mean she’s just seen someone she loves be killed in front of her and then to turn and kill someone, so that’s got to weigh heavy on her. But I can say  she’s a fighter and she’ll get through this because she’s stronger than she knows. 
Hope you enjoyed this interview as much as I did!!
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Happy HUMP day!!!