65153845_10161916553560173_2159301813155659776_nYesterday I celebrated the release of A SUMMER WITH YOU with some of my favorite people! We had a lot of fun, lots of sangria and laughed way too hard.

Thank you to everyone who came out. I posted a lot of pictures on my Facebook Page, so head over there and give it a LIKE 🙂

Release Days are always fun, the parties remind me of all the amazing women in my corner. Most of my adulthood was spent surrounded by men, corporate greed and people who were waiting to stab you in the back. Thankfully I got out of those toxic environments and finally learned what it means to be a part of a sisterhood.

I’m thankful, grateful & blessed to have so many strong, fierce, women in my life to cheer me on and visa versa. I don’t know what I’d do without my squad…and also without my mom, who taught me, it was okay to be a strong woman. Sorry, you missed it last night momma, but I thought about you the entire time <3.

Here are a few pictures from last night. Thank you, Desiree (Mi Amore), for being my official photographer of the evening–and in most aspects of my life. I may grumble about getting 77 pictures sent to me at midnight but I love it and you for being amazing.

Thank you, Caitlin, for running around town with me yesterday as I gathered things last minute like the procrastinator I am.

Wrapping this post up with a quote from A SUMMER WITH YOU!

“There may be redeeming qualities you see in me, but never forget that this—us—is purely selfish,” Chase’s voice was deep and low, sending chills down my spine as he reached back and slowly undid the zipper of the dress.

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Not only is today the RELEASE of A SUMMER WITH YOU, but it is also my son’s 4th birthday. So it’s only fair my 4th book is released on his 4th birthday. My life is a fournado of books, momming and working my ass off.


Happy Birthday to my sour patch kid. I love you more than life.

The first 3 and a half years were so hard. I feel like parents never want to admit how hard parenting can be. But this dude was so crazy, so spontaneous, I never knew what he was thinking but he loved trouble, adventure, and climbing.  I remember crying to the pediatrician asking when it would get easier. She did little to ease my fears as he only became more fearless. My oldest son was the exact opposite, cautious to a fault and I loved it. Not this boy.

I’m not sure when it happened, but it was like a switch flicked and life with this one got easier. The last six months have been so fun and way less stressful–as in I don’t think he’s going to take off running the second I let go of his hand. He chilled out but still is a thrill seeker but in a mom-approved way.

My wild one. Thank you for giving my heart a break. I love you to the moon and back.

1556472032Happy Book Birthday to A SUMMER WITH YOU, the book I never planned on writing but couldn’t imagine my life without!!


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The Perfect Summer Romance


Fall in love with Pippa & Chase’s story. A SUMMER WITH YOU comes out TUESDAY but there’s still time to PRE-ORDER your copy now!!!! TEASER BELOW!!!

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I’d never been kissed the way Chase Matthews kissed me –like he was branding me with his mouth. As if I’d never, ever be able to kiss another man again without thinking of him. It was hot and fiery, and without thinking, I draped my arms around his neck and closed the small space bringing our bodies flush against one another.

Our lips parted for a moment, and his eyes held mine. “I have a confession.” His voice came out winded and ragged as if it took everything in him to stop kissing me. “I’ve wanted to do that since the day you told me off.”

“Which time?” My breath hitched in my throat as I stared into his crystal blue eyes. They were genuine and warm and utterly full of danger.

“The first time…then every single time since.”

Talk Dirty to Me ;)

Another TEASER is dropping for A SUMMER WITH YOU, which is coming out TUESDAY!!! Pre-order NOW!!!!!!!

“I’m not having sex with you.” I blurted out before I could stop it.

He shrugged. “Maybe not tonight, but one day.”

“No!” My eyes widened, only making him laugh again. “No days—I mean there will never be a day you and I have sex. That’s not a thing.”

“I want to believe you, I do, but then there’s the fact that the first thing you thought about when it came to us hanging out was sex.” Chase tipped his head down, causing his lips to be in the same breathing space as mine. My heart leaped into my chest, despite the irritation scattering across my skin like tiny little fire ants.


No Damsels Here!

“Do I seem like that girl to you? The one waiting around for some prince to sweep me off my feet?”

He chuckled, amusement glistening in his blue eyes. “Not one bit.”


Who else is READY for Tuesday and the release of A SUMMER WITH YOU??? There’s sooo many reasons to swoon over Chase Matthews. Do you remember meeting him in TO GET TO YOU? It was brief but made such an impact on me, I was desperate to see more of him.

One of my favorite parts of A SUMMER WITH YOU is the banter between Chase & Pippa. This is a small snippet from the opening scene where they are at a wedding and Pippa catches the bouquet and Chase the garter. Enjoy.


“Nice catch,” Chase’s sly smirk was hard to contain, so was my scowl, because scowling was all I could do to mask the fear (and a hint of arousal) rattling me. He leaned down his mouth right against my ear. The warmth made the tips of my nipples harden. Damnit. My body was a bitch hell-bent on betraying me. “Though you didn’t have to catch the bouquet to get me to touch you. All you had to do was ask.”

“Don’t flatter yourself,” I muttered low. “I’d rather swallow knives.”

He tipped his head back and chuckled, showing off that dimple I loved to hate. Even I wasn’t convinced of my disinterest in him.

You Can’t SIP with US

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We are ONE WEEK until A SUMMER WITH YOU is released to the world. And while I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Pippa & Chase (because yum!) I LOVE the friendship between Pippa & her bffs Ellie & Olivia. I hadn’t planned on releasing this scene, but I’m going to because it’s so fun. Actually, the scene leading up to this moment is my FAVORITE, but it is NC-17 and NOT blog material a.k.a talking sex positions with your girlfriends.

Without further ado…the perks of having best friends who have no filters and tell it like it is!!!

“He’s romantic. Last weekend, he took her to Bern’s—the fancy steak house with hundred-dollar steaks and a room dedicated to desserts!” Ellie squealed. “I love the dessert room.”

“We were with his parents and his sisters,” I told them, trying not to roll my eyes. Chase was sweet, and yes, he took me out for the best steak of my life, but that didn’t mean anything. “He’s not romancing me.”

“Did you wear sexy underwear?” Ellie’s brows wagged.

“What does underwear—”

“Answer the question, mami. The black lace thong was your poison, wasn’t it?” Olivia interjected as they ganged up on me. A smile took over my lips as I replayed the way Chase took my thong off that night with his teeth. It was so sexy. “See that smile? She’s guilty!”

“Whatever!” I threw my hands in the air, not hiding the smile taking over my face. “Let’s move on, please. The purpose of today was to go over wedding details, NOT talk about my love life.”

“Did you refer to Chase Matthews as your love life?” Ellie asked with a knowing grin.

“Tell me again how you aren’t falling for him?” Olivia giggled. “I mean his sisters kidnapped you and forced you to spend an entire afternoon with them.”

“Was it like Training Day where they are about to kill Ethan Hawk in the tub but then realized he saved their cousin from being raped?” Ellie asked, her big eyes super serious.

“Oh my god, Elle,” Olivia burst out laughing. “How did you even get there from that?”

“How about it’s nothing like Training Day.” I shook my head, baffled at how she put two and two together.

“Absolutely like Training Day!! The sisters want Pippa to be like them because that’s what they think Chase needs but really, Chase doesn’t, hence why he’s hardcore in love with Pippa.” Ellie tried desperately to justify herself. “King Kong doesn’t have anything on my conspiracy theories!”

I blinked and glanced to Olivia, whose big brown eyes got super wide and shifty, silently telling me how crazy she thought Ellie was.


TEASER TIME – A Summer With You

I know all writers LOVE their characters, but I must confess, I LOVE-LOVE-LOVE Chase Matthews and how bold he is. A SUMMER WITH YOU is a New Adult Romantic comedy. If you love instant chemistry & constant banter, these two will fulfill all your desires.

Here is a little teaser from A SUMMER WITH YOU. Enjoy. And Don’t forget to pre-order A SUMMER WITH YOU before it comes out NEXT TUESDAY (6/25)

1556472032“Nice tux.” The gray tux did wonders against his tan complexion, and the pop of hot pink in the bowtie was a nice change in the mass of gray and white. He reminded me of Prince Charming ready to seduce Cinderella.

“Nice dress.” His eyes dipped to my blush, off the shoulder dress. The bottom came up a little too short for my liking, but it was only fifteen dollars at a resale boutique. I refused to pay full price on anything. “Well, the ass is looking good. If I were a betting man, and I am, I’d give it ten minutes into dancing before one of your cheeks pop out. And I’m not talking about the one on your face, although, those are cute too. Real cute.”

My jaw dropped, and I instinctively knocked his arm. Though I didn’t know why I bothered, he was as firm as steel and didn’t move one bit.

“You’re unbelievable!” Heat burned into my cheeks. Chase had a knack for crossing boundaries and giving zero fucks about it.

“In bed.” He winked; the corner of his lips formed a mischievous, playful grin.

Feeling a wave of confidence, I narrowed my eyes. “That’s not what I hear.”

The tip of his shiny, black dress shoes touched mine as he stepped forward. The teeny tiny hairs on my body rose as our bodies were practically flush against one another.  There was a small shadow along his jaw from skipping a day or two of shaving. The thin material of his dress shirt stretched over his broad chest. A chest full of muscles from a lifetime of training and swimming. There were few bodies as sexy as a swimmer’s body. Toned and trim, not overdone like bodybuilders.

Chase Matthews oozed sex, but he also drove me batshit crazy in a way that somehow made me a hell of a lot more confident than I was when it came to most guys.

Since he was brutally honest to a fault, I felt the need to return the favor.

“Is that right?” Challenge flickered across his crystal blue eyes as they narrowed in on me, glimmering with amusement. One side of his mouth tipped into a half smile, showing off those intoxicating dimples. Most girls would fall into his arms with a dramatic sigh or rip off their clothes and beg for him right then and there. Not me. Never me.

Chase and I were never going to cross the more than friends’ line. Like ever.

Reaching forward, he swept the bangs from my face, pushing them aside to get a better look into my gray eyes. A breath hitched in my throat as chills pebbled across my neck and down my back, shooting warmth into places warmth had no business being—at least where Chase was concerned. Damn, I had zero control over my body’s attraction to him or how I hadn’t had sex in over a year. My lady parts were desperate and begging for attention.

“Let me know when you want to put that rumor to rest because trust me, doll-face, I’m not like those boys you’ve wasted your time on. Ultimate pleasure is my top priority.” His lips were so close to mine, his whiskey-scented breath tickled my watering mouth.

We were so close it would take little to no effort to lick his lips.

Shit. I should not have been thinking about licking Chase.