Hello Love…

I hope everyone’s case of the Monday’s isn’t too bad. As for me, 5 o’clock couldn’t come faster!

Today’s playlist—Sister Hazel, Live. Not too surprising though.

Today I’m taking a break from my newest venture. I’m about 300 pages deep, and I’ve been revising so much. I started writing it awhile back, and was stuck with “the coping process”. It’s hard to write about dealing with the loss of a parent until it happens. When my father passed away in October everything came full circle and I found myself beating the keys. Going back through it now, four months later, is had to do. Josh told me I need something happier to write about besides death and pain. My rebuttal—I’m just not that funny. He would attest to that, while my coworkers think I’m a hoot, my writing style may not reflect my humor, but I will try.

My newest project is in the works. No one has died, and no one is in a tragic life threatening relationship—against my pull towards tragedy, it is semi light. One of the women I work with is a parrothead, so I am going to incorporate that. They are very fascinating.

Until tomorrow.



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