Fleeting Moments

Playlist: Citizen Cope, Hot Hot Hot, Tyler Hilton, MoZella, Feeder, Jack’s Mannequin, Audioslave and Nada Surf

In an instant…in a single fleeting moment everything can change. For a second you are happy, joyful, even in love with life. And then you see someone, and that happiness is instantly washed away. My stomach was churning as the nausea of the situation twisted inside of me. It seemed the fear I felt in this moment was a fear I thought I washed away. I guess that’s the problem with suppressing your feelings. They’re never really gone. They hide in the deepest chamber of your soul, and with a single ‘hello’, they rise to the surface, like pieces of a shipwreck. I pressed down on the picture of us, running my thumb over the edges, staring deeply, wondering if those two people still existed. It seemed like we were light years away now.

That was my thought for the day. It seems life is nothing more than a series of images, passing by like light in a deep tunnel. Things change…people change. They’ll let you down, they’ll surprise you, and sometimes they rise above…and sometimes they fall short.

It seems we build people and situations up in our mind, and they never turn out the way you thought they would.

Today, we decorated my boss’ cube for his birthday on Monday. I’ll have to post more pictures later. No rejections in my inbox, but it’s only three pm. I’ve been working like crazy on another novel. I hope it’s coming around, but we’ll see.

Did anyone watch Idol last night? I’ve been dying to see Ellen on it, but I was postponed, yet again. It seems my life has turned upside down since getting engaged…even though it’s only been two days. Haha. Hopefully we’ll set the date this weekend. The wedding party is almost complete, but Joshua isn’t exposing his best man yet since everyone seems to be jumping at it. I, however, know who my MOH will be. It’s been a rough year emotionally for me, and she has really been there for me, and she always has been, she was just foreshadowed by a person who is no longer in my life.

Until tomorrow.

Angela Francis


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