Busy Bee…

Today’s Playlist: Muse, Taylor Swift, Kings of Leon…at least for now, but it’s still early.

 This weekend was interesting. We went to Sea World to see Yes play, and literally, that’s all we did. It was kind of a bust, since I havent been there in ten years, but we bought 2 year Sea World/Busch Gardens passes, so we’ll go back soon. We’re also getting Disney passes, so we’ll live there even more than we already do! 

On top of other things, I photograph on the side. Nothing special, mostly acting headshots but on Saturday I’m doing a small shoot for my book—mostly for marketing purposes and for the website. I’m very excited and can’t wait to get everything set up.

 I’m not having too much luck in the agent world, but then again, I havent queried in a while. Working FT, planning a wedding, writing, and querying all at the same time, is much harder than I expected.

 Keeping it short today.



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