Character Spotlight: JILL

    ” Jill came skipping toward me. Her long, brown ponytail bounced up and down on top of her head, like a spring. The purple glitter around her jade eyes sparkled in the field lights. She smiled, causing the dimples in her cheeks to consume her entire face. “

Jill’s playlist: Britney Spears, Lady GaGa, Fergi, Kesha, and Justin Timberlake

      Meet Jill Johnson. On the outside, she’s the typical high school cheerleader—sweet, sassy, and in control. But deep down she’s much more. Growing up as an only child caused her to be spoiled—at least at first. But as she hit adolescence, her parents decided to spread their wings and live as if they didn’t have a teenager. They travel the world, while feeding into her bank account. So, when Jill befriended Madison, they became each others family.

        When everyone picked on, and tortured Maddie, Jill was there to pick her up and get her through it.  

            “Remember in middle school,” she sighed, “when all the boys ganged up on you, and called you horrible names?” she whispered, putting her arm around me and pulling me closer.
            “Which time?” I joked.
            “The first time, but that isn’t the point,” she rolled her eyes, “you were in the bathroom, crying, and I came to make sure you were okay. And every time after that you would sit in the bathroom, and I would come and drag you out and make you face them,” she pushed the hair away from my face, and let her head fall against mine. “You can’t let them take you down,” she whispered.  

      From the beginning, Jill was focused on pushing Madison out of her comfort zone. Though her outer effort was that, inside, she was afraid to be with someone. The idea of being in love, meant she had to be vulnerable, and Jill could never lose control like that. Instead, she focused her time on cheering, hooking up with boys, and spending time with her friends.

       To learn more about Jill, stay tuned for more quotes from COLLIDE and book progress.



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