Climbing Uphill…

Today’s playlist: Nothing…I left my iPod at home. 

I hope everyone enjoyed my character spotlight on Jill.  I haven’t decided who I will spotlight next week. Sam, Lucas, Drew, Bailey, or Madison? What do you think?

 Saturday I am doing a photo shoot for my book. As I start trying to market myself as an author, I realized the images I wanted cost money, and why should I pay when I’m surrounded by people who will do this, and do what I want. Instead of bending the images in my mind, and settling for what I can find, I decided to do it myself.  I own a nice camera, and know great people. 

Sydney will be my “Madison”, so I will transform her from a slight red-head to blonde ol’ Maddie.  It should be very fun. I found a great wig, and we tried it on yesterday. Man, am I excited! She also found two guys to be Lucas and Drew. So next week expect some great images. Tomorrow we are wig styling, picking out wardrobe, and getting things set up for the shoot Saturday morning. I love dressing people up, and doing their hair and make up.

Wish me luck!



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