So Far So Great

Today’s playlist: Muse, POD, & Flyleaf 

So, today has been a whirlwind to say the least. I’m running around like crazy trying to plan everything Saturday, and even at this point, I feel slightly ill prepared. I went to goodwill and bought two cute plaid shirts for “Drew” to wear, and stocked up on v neck t-shirts. Did you know, Wal-Mart only has white and black, and of course, Drew can’t wear black—that’s Lucas’s signature color.

 Besides wardrobe, a shout out has to go to Sydney, she’s awesome! I can’t wait for all the fun stuff I have planned for her, for my book marketing. I figure, if I can market myself, and my story enough, it will help agents become interested in me. Being a new author is hard, so I’m going to work as hard as possible to make it easier on them. 

Up next—book trailer. That’s my next project. My good friend Dawn and I are pairing up to plan the coolest trailer. So, keep your eye out for some great things! 

Dress rehearsal for the shoot is tonight. I can’t wait to put Madison’s wig on Sydney and start bringing my characters to life!



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