We are broken…

Today’s playlist: The Wreckers, Iron & Wine, Tyler Hilton, and Plumbline

The shoot on Saturday went great. There are a lot of shots I still need to get, but I didn’t have a “Lucas”, so I had to work solely with “Madison” and “Drew”. Nevertheless, I got a lot of great shots. We went to the beach down at Howard Park in tarpon springs, and I decided I was coordinated enough to walk down the rocks and take pictures—boy, was I wrong. I ended up falling down the rocks, cutting and scraping up my legs.

It was my fault though, Sydney suggested going around, and I said, “no, it’s fine, I’m a great rock climber.”

Then, when she reached the bottom, she said, “Do you want help?” And I said, “No, I’m fine.”

Seconds later, boom! I’m on the rocks, my knee is bleeding and my legs and feet are scraped apart. It was gross, but I didn’t stop. I took a lot of great shots, sitting on the rocks, while they modeled for me.

Either way, Sydney was right—we should have gone around. But I’m too stubborn, and for some reason I think I have a sense of balance.

Anyways, I still need a Lucas. Anyone interested??



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