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Today’s playlist: All things Barlow Girl

The last week or so has been a complete whirlwind. As most of you are aware, Saturday I will be having auditions for my book trailer. After weeks of dealing with cocky, arrogant directors and filmmakers, I finally found the perfect guy. Which beings me to one point, why are they all guys? What happened to women filmmakers? It makes me wonder…oh well. So, I’ve nailed in a guy to film, now time to audition actors. 

Saturday, 4/17, I’ll be holding auditions at CVF Productions in Clearwater. I have a nice list of people auditioning, so I am hoping to find the leading characters I need. 

I’ll be honest, I’m slightly worried about the guys. I need a strong Lucas. He is the rock of the story, the foundation of which it revolves, and since I am looking for someone so specific it’s hard. If I lived in upstate New York, where the Italian stallion population is abundant, it would be a different story. But, Florida isn’t exactly the headquarters for Italians. Despite my worries about guys, I am stoked. 

Erica, my best friend from high school, is working as my partner for this project. I’ve converted several scenes into scripts and tonight, we are going to figure out what sides to use for the audition. It’s unnerving, but I know this trailer will be a strong tool to help build my platform, not only as an author, but for my novel. I can’t wait to post more about the auditions. 

In an instant…in a single fleeting moment everything can change. You’re happy, joyful, even in love with life. And then you see someone, and that happiness is instantly washed away. My stomach was churning as the nausea of the situation twisted inside of me. It seemed the fear I felt in this moment was a fear I thought I washed away. I guess that’s the problem with suppressing your feelings. They’re never really gone. They hide in the deepest chamber of your soul, and with a single ‘hello’, they rise to the surface, like pieces of a shipwreck. I pressed down on the picture of us, running my thumb over the edges, staring deeply, wondering if those two people still existed. It seemed like we were light years away now.

Angela Francis


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