Tied Down

Today’s playlist:

The Fray—How to Save a Life
Sister Hazel—Champagne High, live version
Muse—I Belong to You
Ok Go—Shooting the Moon
FOB—Where is Your Boy Tonight?
Demi Lovato—Catch Me
John Mayer—Not Myself

Sorry it’s been so long since I’ve wrote. I had the flu all week, and I’m still recovering with a nasty cough.

In four days my cousin is getting married. That means nonstop parties Wednesday to Monday, when everyone leaves and the world kicks in again. For the most part, to my family weddings are excuses for my family to get completely wasted. Granted, this isn’t a “Hettinger” wedding, so it will be a lot calmer than some. I am excited to pick up a portion of my family in Orlando and spend a day there. It’s rare that they are all in Florida and I get to be alone with them, so I’m excited. Now, I just have to make it to Wednesday at 5pm, and I’m free till Monday.

In four days my cousin is getting married and I have nothing to wear. Josh and I are down to one car and a whole-lot of issues with our association so it isn’t like I can stop by the mall on my way home, especially when different people are taking me to and from work on a daily basis.

Angela Francis


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