Beneath the Surface…

In this two-part series, I’m going to give away my “secrets” of creating the characters identities and their essence. Again, when writing and building characters, I follow the teachings of Michael Hague.  

Your characters identity is how the world sees them. I’ll take Madison from COLLIDE for example. Everyone sees her as the drama club president, lead in every play, responsible teenager. But what does she desire? What’s in her heart, beyond what the world sees? She desires love, someone who will sweep her off her feet. She even desires to shed her innocent persona.  

I believe everyone lives in their identity. Sometimes we find ourselves in a rut, where we let the world brand us as something different from we want to be. I work at as full-time recruiter at a healthcare staffing agency. That’s my identity.  What’s my desire? To be a published author, successful singer and actress. The journey of a good character transformation is to see your hero going from who they are, living fully in their identity to living fully in their essence.  

There are two journeys—the outer, and the inner journey. Tomorrow we will talk out that in detail.  

Writing Tip #2, Handling Rejection: 


When you receive a rejection dust your feet off, and send out five more queries. If you don’t, it will crawl under your skin and devour you. I keep a spreadsheet of every agency and agent I query, the date, and the status. When they reply back with a rejection, instead of putting that in the box, I put “Their Loss”. One day I’ll be published, and book after book that comes out, they will regret not choosing me. Keep that mindset and you’ll be fine. Swing the bat, and move on to the next base. 

 Have a great night!  



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