Use Somebody…

Last night, between watching as Josh flipped between the Rays game, and other useless television programs, eating Chinese from Happi Wok, and gossiping, Erica and I spent a few hours finalizing the scripts for the auditions…..TODAY’S PLAYLIST:

When it Comes, Tyler Hilton
The Good Kind, The Wreckers
Not Myself, John Mayer
When I Look at You, Miley Cyrus
Wonderwall, Oasis

Erica and I picked out three scripts, all deep. A fight between Madison and Lucas, realization between Maddie and Drew, and a fun group scene, as well as a monologue for Madison (for those that didn’t contact me for one).

We also compiled a list of items to bring Saturday, and a schedule for how we want the day to go—and a list of jobs for those helping out on that day. So far, I may be one person short. If anyone doesn’t have plans Saturday between 10:30 and 2, please let me know!!! 



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