Supermassive Black Hole…

Is it wrong to say, as much as I love auditioning people, I can not wait until it’s over.

Playlist? Flyleaf, POD, Fireflight, Switchfoot, Muse, and Paramore…

Have you ever had one of those weeks where everything seems to drag, and all you can see is what needs to get done, and yet you see no progress? Yeah, that’s how it’s been for the past two and a half weeks. Finally, the auditions are approaching. The worst part is, even though I’m exciting, I’m dreading it. I feel ill-prepared with scripts and overwhelmed. I’d like to pass the crap stick on and take a break—maybe sleep for a day straight. The thought of sleeping makes me happy. The fact is, I’m sleeping eight hours but my damn dreams keep my mind racing. Anyways, I’m ranting.

Tomorrow I have two auditions, and I’m excited for both, but inviting people over means I have to clean. Luckily, the condo is pretty darn clean and it’s just a matter of re-dusting, sweeping—again, and making sure the laundry gets done.

Once these auditions are over, I’ll be touching on identity and essence, going back to the foundation of character building!

Writing Tip;
Write every day, even if it isn’t toward a book or a story. Imagine scenarios and put them together. It’s good to keep the juices flowing.



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