Swept Away…

Today’s playlist? The new Flyleaf album, I bought it yesterday at Target, and I love it. I can’t belive I waited this long, it’s awesome. Every time I hear the songs it’s makes me want to sing in a band like that. I bet it feels good to scream like Lacey does.

Anyways, auditions went well. the show was medium, I expected more, but actors do that sometimes. I still need more guys, I only auditioned two, and while they were good, I want more options. Unless something changes, I’m 98% sure I found Madison. It’s amazing how suprising things are. I have three great girls right now, and I’m anxious to see what they do!! Anyways, beside that, I had fun. I was happy Erica, Josh, Joe and Torrey came out. Not that Josh really had a choice, but I do value his input.

Collide quote of the day: (longer today than usual)

I was going to walk away, but Lucas caught my eye. His magnificence stood out against every other man in the room. His arms were crossed over his chiseled chest and his pale skin displayed every vein in his muscular arms. Lucas was standing with Ashley Morgan, another cheerleader. She was desperately flirting with him, but I didn’t see any ounce of interest in his expressions. His onyx hair was shimmering in the light of the room, and his eyebrows were tense as she spoke to him. He ran his long, pale fingers through his hair, while looking around the room. He was obviously looking for any type of diversion from his existing conversation. I smiled to myself. Some girls were so clueless.

Have a great night!



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