Jigsaw Falling into Place

Today’s playlist? One dead IPod….i’m music-less today.

I’m almost there! This week, I’ve cast the roles of Madison, Lucas, Bailey and Jill. All that’s left is Drew. I have a few auditions this weekend, and I’m excited. I hope to have a Drew by the weeks “official” end. Once he is in place, I will introduce you to the official cast of COLLIDE.

It seems like this is moving along nicely. I have a draft of scenes and moments I want to film. I sent it off to Joe, my filmmaker, and Erica, my assistant producer/director and everything else. She will be skimming for props . I am compiling a list of locations we need to find for filming, and hopefully we’ll start shortly.

This all seems surreal. I know, once I do this, and I’m still not published, that I can honestly say I didn’t go down with a fight. But I don’t do mediocre work. I truly feel this will bring my platform and my book to the next level. Hoping it will raise interest, and attract the attention of people everyone. Especially agents and publishing houses.

Wish me luck!

Stay tuned for production details, pictures, etc. It’s all coming from this site so check back!

Angela Francis


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