Translating the Name…

Words have meaning and names have power.  ~Author Unknown

Today’s playlist:
Sister Hazel, Your Winter
White Demon Love Song, The Killers
Sex on Fire, Kings of Leon
I’m so Sick, Flyleaf
Tremble for my Beloved, Collective Soul
Boom, POD
and more…

 You know what your characters looks like. You know their hair color, eye shape, skin type/tone, height, and every freckle on their face—if they have any at all. You’ve broken them down, you know their weakness, and you know there is still so much to learn. But you are missing one incredibly element.  What are their names? 

My favorite and most stressful part of writing is playing the name game. Of course you have names you love, even ones that you can’t seem to kick out of your mind, but do they fit the person you’ve created? 

It’s said, a name can have a huge impact on a person’s life. If you’re writing a novel set in England, in the 1800’s, you would use a name popular back then. I’m sure names like Apple, Axel, Sailor, Mercedes…you get the picture. Maybe there were instances were people named their children that, but I’m pretty sure it would be a rarity. Anyways, a name is important. You have to think about who they, what they will become, and what journey they are going to take.

 This reminds me a lot of when my fiancé, Josh, and I talk about names we would like to name our kids—when we have some. He’s old fashion, I swear, he’s from the early 1900’s or something. He loves names like Edison, Walter, Theodore, etc.
My response? “Am I having a child in World War 1?”
No, we aren’t.
Names I like for my children? Nathan, Noah, Liam, Mason, Jonah…
His response? “Noah sounds like a pansy.”
Then I retort, “Well, he wasn’t a pansy during the flood, or did you forget that part of the bible?” 

Think of your time period, the character, and nicknames that may evolve. Also, if you have a romantic interest, how do the names sound together? Lucas sounds strong, Madison or Maddie could be, but I sense vulnerability in the name that I don’t feel with Lucas. 

Like anything else, people have name recognition. Instantly, if I hear the name Vanessa, Amber or Ashley, my guard is up. Alyssa’s always leave, Chad’s are always jerks, Liam is sexy, Michael’s are usually gay, and I tend to always date guys with J names. 

What are your name recognitions? When you hear a name, what do you think of instantly? 

Naming characters is fun, but also a lot of work. I like playing with names, and creating a personality I see for that name. Try it out, it might surprise you.

COLLIDE quote of the day:

“I cringed back the tears, but they didn’t stop. I couldn’t breathe, I was afraid that every breath I took would be sensed by his sadistic shark-like senses. Now, I understood him a bit more – why he was angry, why his moods were so erratic, and that horrid bruise on his arm.”

Angela Francis

P.S- The cast for the trailer is set, check out the new Collide: Trailer tab for details!!


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