Inside The Fire

…..Inside the literary world….

Today’s playlist?
Mayday Parade. Erica let me borrow their album, and I love it!! Gainesville natives are the best! Hence, Sister Hazel. 

I asked myself that question way back when. It seems, yet again, that people think they can write a novel, and then voila! You’re rich and famous.…no. 

Now, the hard part starts. The query letter. It would physically be impossible to write about a query letter, so I’ll direct you to other blogs for that. 

Nathan Bransford,

Mary Kole, 

Those are great sites. You can also Google,  Query Letters and find a lot of information. Some good, some bad. 

While you are breaking into the literary world, I recommend  joining a few sites. 

Publishers Marketplace
This is an amazing information source for agents, publishers, etc. It give you an insight on everything going on in the world. Everyday, if you subscribe, you will receive a Publishers Lunch

 The site says, “Publishers Lunch is the industry’s “daily essential read,” now shared with more than 40,000 publishing people every day. Each report gathers together stories from all over the web and print of interest to the professional trade book community, along with original reporting, plus a little perspective and the occasional wisecrack added in.” 

Subscribe here: 

Another site you should sign up on ….. 

Absolute Write Water Cooler
This is an awesome forum to chat with authors, writers, and the occasional agent and publisher. Here, you can research agencies/agents, and find up to the moment information. Under the proper section you can discuss everything from what playlists you listen to while writing, to what ideas you have for your manuscript. It is a wonderful information source and support system.

For all you, YA writers…this is a MUST add… 

YA Lit Chat
Everything you need to know is on this site. I am new, and as I begin drudging through it, I find it absolutely amazing. 

Another new site, is…. 

Oasis for YA
This is a collaborative blog for YA.  Here is what their site says, “Founded by aspiring authors, we want to create a relaxing sanctuary among the often dry, harsh reality of writing, editing, and querying.” 

Self explanatory. Definitely check them out. I love reading their blog! 

Again, there are a million sites for advice. You have to find what works for you, and try to stick to it. It’s all about finding a routine. 

Next blog… do I find the right agent???

COLLIDE quote of the day:

“You have to keep going no matter how many mistakes you make, once the curtains have opened there’s no turning back. To me, being on stage is the best form of magic.”

Trailer update:
rehearsal tonight. It’s going really well. The funny parts are funny, and the serious moments are just as I hoped they would be. I have amazing actors. Wait till you see how awesome this will be!

Have a great Tuesday!!
Angela Francis



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