Agent on the Threshold…

How to find the right literary agent? 

People think it’s easy to find the right agent.
Pick and agency, and send-off the query. 

Back up.

My cast makes fun of me, and says I love dramatic pauses. I do. Good things take time, don’t they? 

Finding the right agent is like a dramatic pause. First, you have to find an agency. Research the agency. Explore their lists, who they publish, what they are working on now, their recent deals? Has the agency had a deal in a while? 

Finding the right agency in a whole takes time, then on top of that, you have to research the agents. Read what they like, what they don’t like. It’s very important to research s specific agent. Do your homework. Look at their list, who they represent, what they are looking for, what books they enjoy, etc. It also helps to read their blog if they have one. From there, you can tailor your letter to their personality too. They like to see that you aren’t sending them a random query, with no knowledge about them. 

Afterward, I like to research the agency on the water cooler. Read what other writers/authors are saying. Sometimes, there will be a link to a certain agents blog, with up to the minute updates on what they are looking for. 

Twitter is GREAT in the literary world. Agents, editors, writers, authors, assistants, etc. they’re all there. In the past, I’ve seen agents closed to queries open for an hour, or a few days, and only announce it on Twitter. I suggest creating an account. You can jump on mine, I follow a lot of agents and editors, and branching from there.

 More on finding the right literary agent next time…. I must run off to rehearsal today!

Publishing tip on Twitter today:

MarleneStringer New Writers: Srsly, don’t write “the end” on your ms then turn around & submit to agts. It is not READY. #pubtips

Check out the COLLIDE trailer page for updates on the trailer. Pictures should be up soon! 

Angela Francis


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