I’m actively watching Jane Friedman on Twitter, for up-to-the-second updates from BEA. How I wish I could be there. One day…one day I will no longer be stuck in this cube, and I’ll be able to attend conferences. I have high hopes for RWA in Orlando. After all, Disney is my backyard, and best friend, so to speak. 

I was browsing the RWA site this morning, and drooled over the amazing topics being discussed. I suppose, if I can’t muscle up the $500 plus room and board, I can settle for purchasing the DVD….once again. *sigh* 

I must say, Saturday was great. The photo shoot went very well. The night before the cast was over until ten or eleven. Following that, I colored Dustin’s hair black. That was fun! Three girls shoved in a bathroom, watching him wash the black dye out of his hair was thoroughly amusing. It looks fantastic. If you haven’t seen it yet, check out

After Dustin left, Christina (who plays Jill, and who is also my bff), Erica (the production assistant, and other bff) and I went on a fun adventure to my condo, to pick up the camera charger. Afterward, we went to Wal-Mart. Okay, since when does Wal-Mart wax the floor at midnight? Seriously, Wal-Mart? It’s Friday, a very popular night by most standards, and midnight isn’t late! I was on a mission to buy flip-flops for Dustin, but the section was closed. Christina coaxed the poor old man, with her batting eyelashes, to let us jump across the roped off area, so I could quickly grab a pair of shoes. 

It was an interesting night to say the least. After happy meals, and hours of Christina rambling, we finally fell asleep.

 Saturday started with a bang. While beginning the cast hair and make up, we watched John Tucker Must Die. Amazing movie. So funny. After that, we began New Moon, but that was cut off early when I finished dressing everyone. 

I took amazing photos, not to brag, but I did. 

They should be released shortly. Some are already up at and, just because I love you guys, I’ll leak a few unreleased photos on here.

 What do you think?? They are mostly dramatic, but as my cast found out….I love drama. lol.

 COLLIDE quote of the day:

“He groaned, and slid one arm under me, and the other grazed my forehead, pushing aside my bangs until they were off my face. His porcelain skin was glittering in the dim lights, I tried not to focus on his beauty, but it was unparallel. “

Angela Francis


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