The bitch of living…

I officially have a week until filming.

Today’s playlist? Spring Awakening…all day long!

My stomach is twisting, I’m so nervous. Thank goodness I have Christina and Erica. They keep me in check, and every once and awhile Erica slaps me….verbally….lol…so I don’t worry anymore. I’m a control freak, and even though I wrote the book, script, and am directing it, I still feel out of control. Extras for one, and the fact that Christina’s cheerleading uniform doesn’t fit right and must be altered. Thank goodness I cast the mother. A woman I work with, Sherry, will play Madison’s mom, Anna. That’s a load off my back. 

Poor Austin had mouth surgery a week ago and is bed ridden, so his practice was moved and the girls are rehearsing today. Oh, and I ordered shirts for my core 5 and there’s a funky design and misprint I didn’t put. It’s a mess, my head is moving a million miles per hour.

All the while, I began a new WIP (work in progress). So far, I’m 51 pages deep. It’s definitely a lot of fun. After COLLIDE and HOW TO SAVE A LIFE, I think I’m out of my depressing kick. My life is different now. When I wrote those, my dad was sick/passed away, I lost my best friend, and I felt alone. I poured into my writing. Even though they are beautiful stories, I needed a break. 

After spending time and rekindling old friendships, I was inspired to write this story. It’s so fun, the MC is kind of bitchy, and overly confidence. The drama is insane. Every character has such a rich story, I could easily write a book on each character. There’s so many ways I can take this, and I’m excited to see where she takes me. 

Here’s a little glimpse. 

I exhaled, and smiled briskly, as I stepped into the diner. Like clockwork Dylan was sitting in a booth near the breakfast bar. The poor kid had no clue what was about to happen, and in a moment, he would suddenly find himself single—out in the big bad world of dating.

What do you think? 

Angela Francis


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