Let the good times roll…

Around 11 pm Sunday night, filming wrapped filming for “COLLIDE”. Can I just say, wow. Joe was right when he said, “anything that can go wrong will.” This is a long one, but read it, I promise, it’ll be good—at least to me it is. 

I’m organized, structured, prompt, punctual, and sometimes anal retentive, so needless to say, chaos and I are not good friends. The last 72 hours were pure chaos. I learned a lot in the last month, leading into the past 72 hours. I realized something important about life. If you want something done, you have to do it yourself. You can’t rely on others, unless you have someone extraordinary, and most of the time…you really don’t. People that you think you are close with, when times get rough do they stick up for you, yell at you, or take a Tonka truck up your back instead of defending? Being in charge is lonely, but when the camera rolled, watching everything come together, and the shots at hand, was like magic. I was high. It was almost as good as belting on stage—almost. 

I’m craving more though. 12 hours passed in day one, 10 in day two—at least I think, since time wasn’t on my mind. I stood 95% of the time, I didn’t rest—not once—and yet I never felt tired, or hungry, or thirty. I was stressed out of my mind, but the rush I felt was unlike anything. I could have filmed for days straight, especially if I had a cast that didn’t complain or seem tired all the time. 

My experience was interesting. I learned a lot. What to do, what not to do, who not to work with again, and how to make sure you don’t mix work and pleasure. Most of all, I learned to be tougher. Because there will be a next time. I don’t stop. I never have, I never will. Life is not about reaching the destination, because you never reach it, and if you are satisfied then you are not living. You should always try reaching for more.

 I’m 22 years old. I’ve toured, sang, wrote a book, acted on stage, on camera, written scripts, directed plays, casted shows and much more—now on top of that, I’ve cast, written, directed film. My journey started 13 years ago, when my madness began, but in actuality, my future is now….my journey is beginning in a different direction, and I couldn’t be happier. 

Tomorrow the editing starts.
I love editing, and I can’t wait. 

I saw a quote on a restaurant wall that read, “Here’s to the good times which are happening now.” 

So, lets raise our glass to the good times, the beginning, the future, and the journey ….it’s gonna be a hell of a ride, so buckle your seatbelt.

 Newest ambition….finding a critique partner. Any advice?? 

Angela Francis


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