Writing to Reach You…

Everyone has a quirk, something they do when they are writing, or when they have writers block.

At night, I lie in bed, close my eyes, and picture what I wrote as if it were a movie. If I’m stuck or I don’t know what to do next, I do the same thing. I close my eyes, and imagine what would happen next. I tend to dream about it as well, and the pieces fall together—for the most part. Late at night, I have a lot of creativity, and dialogue passing through my brain.

 Anyone else have quirks, tips, or traditions they have when writing? I want to hear from you!

QUOTE of the day, courtesy of my newest WIP, The Legion:

“The door flew open, rattling against the metal cabinets. Ashlee’s body was sloppily lying on top of the examination table, her belonging strewed about the floor. My eyes travelled up toward the Nephilim. There were two of them. Their backs hunched over, dragging their clawed feet on the title, clanking with each step.”


Angela Francis


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