Crazy Is The Forecast…

Newest music addiction….3OH!3 they are horribly addicting! Check them out.

Editing  film teaches you a lot. Between angles, cut, transitions…there are details you don’t notice when watching television or movies. I picked up a new bad habit. After editing (at like midnight) I go home and watch 90210. But instead of watching it for enjoyment, I’m examining every aspect—the cut between perspectives, angles, expressions, the way actors use their space, etc. It’s been an eye opener, though I’m pretty sure I’m driving Joe crazy with my new attention to every detail—I secretly thinks he likes it. Lol

 Day four of editing ended at midnight last night. We will resume today at 6:30pm. Can I say, despite how insane we are becoming…it’s a lot of fun. There’s never a dull moment with Erica, Joe, and I.

Erica and I have compiled a list of things we know about Joe…each night adding more to the list…

 What we know about Joe:

  1. He likes to sing catchy tunes while editing
  2. I drive him crazy/He thinks I’m a whack job
  3. He hates me
  4. His real name is not Joseph
  5. He keeps a voodoo doll of me in his closet
  6. He enjoys my advice
  7. He secretly loves working with Erica and I

 And the list will grow as the process continues…lol.

This project has taken a lot out of me. I work 8am-5pm Monday-Friday, after work I go straight to the editing room till midnight and repeat. My days and nights have meshed into one vicious cycle, but I wouldn’t change it…not for a second.

 I’m lucky to have a supportive almost-husband, Josh – best friend, Erica – and amazing mother. I wish my dad was here, sometimes I think it would make everything easier, but I know he’s watching me. He loved my book—he loved when I wrote, sang, performed, everything. So, I know he would love this, even though he’d complain, he’d be proud.

 So this one is for you dad. I love you.

Angela Francis


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