Song for Ariel…

“Sometimes I wonder if anyone tells the truth anymore. Is there still good and bad, right and wrong, truth and lies, or is everything a gray area?” – Ariel, HOW TO SAVE A LIFE

I’m determined to finish my long time work in progress, HOW TO SAVE A LIFE (working title). It was a hard story to write, as it involves a girl losing her father in a tragic car accident. I wrote a lot but I couldn’t grasp the death angle, so I set it aside, and after my father passed away, I found the words needed to help portray the pain Ariel was going through. 

It’s easy to fall when your world crumbles, especially when you let the people in your life disappear, and the only goal you have is to become invisible. That’s how Ariel felt. Even with an over protective twin brother, a laid back younger, and an aunt that was barely old enough to handle her own life, let alone 3 teenagers. 

Her story is dark, like most of my writing, but the relationship, and the healing that forms the bond of Ariel and Liam is beautiful.  With work, she ends up swan diving back into life—at least until she learns some haunting news about Liam, and finds herself running down a path of drugs and depression once more.

 Once this story is completed, I have 2 others in the works that are brighter—for the most part. But you know me…I love the drama, lol.

To join the first quote from HOW TO SAVE A LIFE, here is another.

       “Hey guys,” Zoey shouted, over the loud, pulsing music, “this is my friend, Ariel.”
      “Like the Mermaid?” one guy asked. I narrowed my eyes, and the other guy laughed.
      “No, dude,” another said, “she doesn’t have bright red hair.”
     “Or purple shells,” he noted.

Angela Francis


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