Today I completed Insatiable, by Meg Cabot. 

Wow, was I amazed! I love the twists, and I especially love how it mocks other vampire stories. It was nice to twist to a genre that is over populated with damsels in distress, and helpless women falling in love with vampires. Plus girls going crazy wanting to be turned into vampires to live forever with the one they “love”.

Meena is a strong, workaholic that doesn’t need a man to take care of her. It’s just the opposite really, she seems to be the one taking care of everyone else.

The twisting of characters, third person point of view, the way it melted together was flawless. Honestly, it was the best book I’ve ever read. Alaric Wulf knocked me off my feet, and Lucien—well, Lucien wasn’t your typical tortured soulless vampire—he’s the prince of darkness. Another interesting plot choice. Meena’s brother Jon was definitely a breath of fresh air. Funny, slightly loopy and reminded be a lot of the brother from the Sookie Stackhouse novels. Which was fine with me, he made me laugh a lot. Probably my favorite aspect of it all, was Meena’s ability to see how people would die. The vulnerability she brought, the urge to help everyone she could—whether they wanted it or not, was rather astounding. I would recommend this book to everyone—all ages. 

Truly a masterpiece by Meg Cabot, Insatiable is impossible to put down. I’ve predicted a second novel…please Meg, I have my fingers crossed and high hopes for Mr. Wulf. *wink* wink*

What are you waiting for? Go get it!!

Angela Francis


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