L.A Candy by Lauren Conrad

Recently completed L.A Candy by Lauren Conrad.

My interest? Well, I love LC way back in the Laguna Beach days—when it was good, and even watched The Hills religiously every week, except the past season or so. When Spencer and Heidi drove me away and Kristin came back–ick.

So, the thought of a book about what it would be like, could be interesting, plus….it’s Lauren Conrad.

Told in 3rd person, it started slow. Very slow. It almost felt like a pair of overzealous best friends. I mean, I’m a girl, even a girly girl, but the friendship between Scarlett and Jane just seemed very infantile. Not to mention the writing was juvenile.

After reading a lot of well written YA books, this one didn’t hold a penny to most of them. The vocabulary could have been better. It seemed like a lot of, “and then we did this, and then we did that…” etc etc.

The only reason I kept going was because I knew it had to get better. And it did, but it was only better.

It just seemed there were no memorable lines, no unusual metaphors or similes, nothing moved me. There is nothing wrong with the writing, it’s just that it seems pedestrian.

What I liked about L.A Candy:
Jane – very strong character. You sympathize with her, and I could understand why she made the choices she did.

Braden – Wow, I think he’s my favorite character, and probably the reason I kept reading. You really fall hard for him. Jesse Edwards – it’s nice to see the vulnerable side of a celebrity

Madison – what a bitch. Really resembles how dirty girls can really get.

And I will have to make a stop at the store to buy the sequel, because she left it off at a cliff hanger.

Did you read L.A Candy? What are your thoughts?

If you didn’t and you’ve been debating, I do urge you to read her book. Despite my disappointment, it wasn’t horrible, but it didn’t live up to the hype. Again, nothing against Lauren Conrad. I think she is doing amazingly well for herself—clothing line, TV shows, books, etc. She’s built an empire for herself and she’s doing great. All the best for her. Hopefully she improves and the sequel is better, and she keeps writing. Because as writers, we know you only get better over time.

Angela Francis


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