Take My Chances…

Be careful what you wish for.
         Really….be careful.

I wanted to meet someone, a critique partner, that would rip apart my manuscript of COLLIDE and just tear it to pieces, pulling out issues, fixing things, etc. and well, I got just that. At first, it seemed like someone punched me in the chest. I’ll admit, I was hurt—well more so let down, especially since I paid someone to clean it up grammar and punctuation wise, and it was clear that didn’t happen to the level it should have.

 So, like anyone does when they receive harsh criticism, I sulked. Yes. I did. I know I shouldn’t, especially since I enjoy criticism and the opportunity to improve myself, but that didn’t stop it from bruising me a little.

 Josh, my fiancé, was strangely happy to hear that it was torn apart. Maybe that’s why I love him? lol.

 He said, “this is what you wanted, and it’s good for you. You need someone in your life to help you with this. You’ll only get better.”

Then he said I was very brave.

 It made me wonder how many people out there are too afraid to be heard by others because they don’t want the criticism. Nowadays, everyone wants to be right all the time, never fail at anything, even if that means never trying.

 We all have that tendency. It took me awhile to perform in front of people—or audition in front of directors, because I didn’t want to be told I sucked. I don’t, but everyone has a different opinion, right? Just like everyone won’t like your voice, or you as a person, they all won’t like your book.

 Life is about taking risks, putting yourself out there. Too many people are afraid of rejection and getting hurt, but how are you supposed to improve and reach your goals if you don’t take a chance….jump off and hope for a smooth landing.  

 Now, I know everyone has different religious beliefs, but as a Christian I’ll say this:

 In life, God doesn’t give you who you want, he gives you who you need—to hurt you, to teach you, to love you, to make you exactly who you should be. Sometimes a storm is part of the plan.

Here’s a quote my favorite band, Sister Hazel.
“Change Your Mind”

 If you want to be somebody else, If you’re tired of fighting battles with yourself, If you want to be somebody else Change your mind

 I’ll leave it with that. Lol. But it’s the truth, right? Anyways. Thanks Dawn K., you’re awesome.

 Hey hey, what ya say, we both go and seize the day?

 It’s your life, go decide how you want to live it.

Angela Francis


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