Here is the premiere for the long awaited trailer for COLLIDE a novel by Angela Francis, yet to be released.

After holding auditions, countless rehearsals, and hours of editing footage—StandAsOne Productions and Angela Francis bring you….COLLIDE.

Savannah Fuss
Dustin Holton
Austin Hammesfahr
Christina Johnson
Jordan Weber

Torrey Taylor
Candice Brown

 Narration by: Angela Francis

 Casted by: Angela Francis and Erica Johnson
Script by: Angela Francis
Directed/Produced by: Angela Francis
Director of Photography: MMJoe Sanchez with StandAsOne Productions
Production Assistant: Erica Johnson
Boomstick man: Joshua Parkhurst

 And now…..the first of six trailers for COLLIDE. Comments required.

Don’t forget to comment!

Angela Francis


8 thoughts on “COLLIDE TRAILER ONE…

  1. The cast is great. They are very talented all of them I love Lucas!!!!!
    He’s such a good “bad” guy and Drew is such a good actor too. Maddie does upset and confused well. I COULD GO ON AND ON MAYBE I WILL NEXT COMMENT……

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