Song for Ariel…

It’s been awhile since I’ve posted. Sorry guys, it’s been so crazy. Between wedding plans, writing, promoting the trailer, edits, and sending out queries, somehow this has gotten lost in the shuffle! 

I’ve officially completed THE PROS AND CONS OF BREATHING. I really wouldn’t have finished without the help of my amazing critique partner, Dawn. It’s funny how things happen. For so long, COLLIDE was my baby. I swore that would be the book that made me a published author, but after Dawn ripped it apart (love you for it!) and explained she had the same issue with a book of hers, I mentioned Pros and Cons. I started writing it when my dad was sick, night after night I couldn’t sleep because of it.  At first, it was a million different stories, same base—a girls father dies and nothing is ever the same—but nothing stuck. Ideas came and went, putting me in a rut, until my father passed away in October 09, and everything became clear, the pain was evident, and I knew exactly what would happen to Ariel.

At first, I wondered if the story was worth anything at all. To me it was ramblings of my feelings, my pain—it was a hidden outlet to talk about how I felt about death. About life. How confusing it is. I guess that’s why I couldn’t finish it till my dad passed away. The words came, the story grew, taking on a life of it’s own. But, I couldn’t finish it. I had no clue how. Still unsure if it was worth anything at all, I mentioned the concept to Dawn—warning her that I wasn’t sure how good it was, and it could very well suck, but it meant a lot.

She told me to send the first chapter. From that one, it was better than COLLIDE, much better, at least that’s what she said. I hope its true! I’m sure she’d rip it apart if it was horrible because Dawn has nooo problem telling me like it is! Which I love. Lol. That’s why she’s the best!

Anyways, I finally ended it…mostly because I had to Dawn could finish reading it, lol, and to my surprise, it was awesome. Ariel’s journey is one of my favorites. I think she has a vulnerability to her, and a weakness. Also, there are points where you will love to hate her—at least, that what my cousin just shouted from the living room, lol. Jill is the first person besides Dawn to read it—and the agents that have it now. So nervous.

Stay tuned for my Teaser Tuesdays for excerpts from THE PROS AND CONS OF BREATHING.  You can visit my BOOKS page for a snap shot of the details.

Here is a quote from the book:

‎”Incident after incident happened, tragedies, circumstance, I never found a break. I just wished for once everything would settle and I would begin to live my life. But then it hit me, this was my life. And I had to deal with it, because no matter what happened next, the dust was far from settling.”



Angela Francis


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