YOUR Query Style

For the past two months, I’ve sent out queries for my newest book THE PROS AND CONS OF BREATHING (see ‘Books’ for more information). With a smile on my face, I can say the feedback as been pretty good with a nice amount of requests…most of which are still out with the agents, and a few stragglers that sent me a lovely R. But my question to you, the author or writer, is…what do you do?

I’m contemplating whether or not to keep researching and sending out queries. Maybe I’m a little lazy and really busy with the craziness in my life to spend 20-40 minutes researching and perfecting a query letter for one agent, then move on to another. It is a time-consuming process because one letter is all you get. One chance. Maybe it’s wrong of me. But it’s not like I sent out 20 QL and am sitting naively. But I feel like it’s a bridge to cross, like I need to overcome and see the results of these letters before I can continue.



I know others will say, just keep sending, just keep sending. So I want to know what you do. What is you process? Any words of wisdom?


4 thoughts on “YOUR Query Style

  1. I hear that sending out 10 to 15 queries is a good place to start and guage the quality of your query. If you are getting a lot of requests (over 50%) then I think the query is good. If you’re getting less, maybe the query needs revision.

  2. *groan*
    If you figure it out, let me know.
    After listening to chirping crickets on my first query, I perfected it – read re-wrote – and sent it to more agents. I got one immediate response and I thought, “okey dokey, I have a winner.”

    Since that one response, ZZZZZZZ.

    So I re-wrote…ahem…perfected another one and sending it out next week.


  3. Usually, I send out about 10-15 and, like Ingrid aid, I gauge my response. For my first book, it wasn’t good, but I thought my query was great. After finding an awesome crit. partner, I learned it wasn’t the query, it was the story. It lacked. Good concept, bad play out.

    So, I started again. Different book, different plot, new query. Responses were awesome, requests still out, so now I’m in limbo. The crit partner loves this story more than the other, and she is brutal, so I know it’s good.

    Sometimes I think, it’s the query and the story. If you are sending sample pages and they are rejecting, it’s not that the story isn’t for them, maybe the story isn’t as good as you/I/we thought it was.

    Either way. I think a lot hangs in the balance of one single letter.

  4. I’m not writing books, but screenplays. There is a certain format that has to be followed or those snobs won’t even read it! Lol
    So, def keep searching and researching until you find out the correct and perfect QL.
    That being said, have you ever heard of Its a email service that will send out your QL to hundreds of agents, producers and people of interest, depending on what service you chose. I’ve used them and its awesome and fairly cheap, as low as $65 for the basic.
    Anyway, that’s my two cents!

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