Sugar and Spice by Lauren Conrad

An L.A Candy novel by Lauren Conrad.

The only reason I picked up a copy of L.A Candy was because Lauren Conrad, LC as I know her, wrote the books. I wasn’t too fond of the first novel (read that review for more information). But it ended on such a cliffhanger, I couldn’t resist reading the next, Sweet Little Lies (see review).

That led me to Sugar and Spice. It was pretty great. A typical YA read. If you are looking for something insightful with similes and reflection and deep intellectual thoughts, then this book isn’t right for you. What drew me to these books, and why I think its popular–beyond LC herself–is what it would be like to be on a ‘reality’ show.

Lauren really takes you on an adventure, exposing what’s true and what’s false. It makes you really reevaluate what you see on television. Did that really happen, or did someone set it up. I related with Jane when she (spoiler alert) found Trevor’s book. I thought  that was great especially how well he knew the girls and predicted everything before it happened.  Lauren knows what she’s talking about, she knows what she is writing, and furthermore she has developed very interesting characters.

You get to see a side of both Scarlett and Madison that you hadn’t seen before, even Gabby, though she kind of takes a backseat. It was nice to see Jane grow up more and open her eyes to the world around her. I was pleased with her boys decisions at the end. Nice goin’ ,Conrad. lol.

This book definitely isn’t for everyone, but I do believe it is great for young adults. In this day and age, so many people are out to take advantage of you, and though I really don’t believe ‘Trevor was purposely taking advantage of them, you find a joy in watching Jane stick up for herself choosing between fame and some kind of normalcy.

I’d be interested to hear what others who read the L.A CANDY series thought.

Angela Francis


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