Let’s Start at the Very Begining…

….A very good place to start….
Yes, I am now singing Do-Re-Mi from The Sound of Music.


A few days ago I received this really awesome rejection letter. I know, funny to have awesome and rejection in the same sentence, but it was. It wasn’t like he was rude or ‘crushing’. It was very detailed—things he thought needed fixing, areas he liked, didn’t, plot shuffling. It opened my eyes to a lot of things that were already in my head but I just ignored them. I thought overall it was really positive. I laughed at a few parts, agreeing with him. Yesterday started day one of revisions. I almost forgot how much I love this story, and why it’s so important to me. I started writing this after my first one, and while my dad was sick. Then I was stuck and decided to put it away, but when my dad passed away I finally pulled it out and found the words to say about death. The pain that really goes through you from losing a parent.

Coming from a big Italian/German family I’ve lost a lot of people, but there’s no other pain like losing a parent. The depression and pain, it can tear you apart. I had two choices, to power through it or let it eat me alive. Myself, I made it through. I had my faith and a strong support system. But Ariel’s story is the exact opposite. Mostly because she’s much younger than I was. I imagine her actions would have been my own at that age. After getting a very helpful rejection I am going back and adding more, taking away, and shuffling my outer plot around to include more conflicts.

I’m really excited about cracking into this story again. Sometimes you forget how much you love something until you’re in the meat of it!




5 thoughts on “Let’s Start at the Very Begining…

  1. Great that you received a rejection that was helpful! So much better than a form rejection, at least. And kudos to you for taking it in stride and using what you need from it. We actually applaude rejection letters in my crit group because it means we’re submitting, at least.

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