The Pros and Cons of Breathing

Alas! I have…semi..completed revisions. And when I say semi, I mean, I’ve finished and now they are being critiqued. Ek. I think that’s more strenuous than acting submitting to agents.  C.P have high expectations, and you want it to be perfect for them, at least I do.

I’ve revised for a month now. Which isn’t too long, but I did a lot of shuffling and added more drama. Which is always fun. I have a pretty drama-free life, taking out the craziness of planning a wedding. So being able to tear people’s lives apart is pretty fun.

But anyone can create drama. It’s about making sure it fits and flows. structurally, it has to be strong throughout, even though it isn’t the pain plot, it has to stand strong.

That’s why I’ve been MIA all month. It has been manic. Between working FT, planning a wedding, revisions, GTL (lol, yes.) I haven’t had time to do much else.

I get off work and end up finally settling down around midnight–when I have to sleep and repeat. The holidays are exhausting, I’ll be happy when they’re over and life will settle..but only momentarily.

Here is my new “pitch” for my book. Thoughts?

Seventeen year-old Ariel James has a secret.  One that could ruin her life. When her dad is killed in a car accident, Ariel’s perfect little world crumbles. Now drugs and pills have turned into a necessity, her only tourniquet against grief and depression. After trying to overdose, she is sent to rehab, missing half of her junior year. But the shrinks don’t teach Ariel how to fight her inner demons or prepare her for the hatred she’s about to face when she returns to Island Preparatory High.

Struggling to bury the person she became, Ariel meets the brooding Liam Andrews, who has as many skeletons as her. When she learns that he too is suffering from the loss of a parent, her walls begin to fall. Then Ariel starts getting strange text messages, ones threatening to expose the dirty little secrets she’s been holding onto. Ones that will make everyone Ariel cares about hate her. And this time, no one is here to protect her.


Oh, PS, Josh and I were putting Christmas decorations at my mom’s house. Cooper and Lily were freaking out, and Coop actually jumped up on the windowsill. I think he thinks he’s a cat. Silly boy!




2 thoughts on “The Pros and Cons of Breathing

  1. That sounds like an interesting pitch! I have trouble with writing my own. It’s hard to nail down the gist of your novel in a few paragraphs AND make it sound intriguing AND to omit enough so the first few paragraphs are still fun to read.

    Good luck with your critique and revisions!

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