The Show is Better…

There’s always a huge difference when a book is adapted to a movie or television show. Some do it better than others. I’ve made an effort to read a lot of the books (Mostly YA) that have recently turned into series or movies.

Most of the time I’ll agree that the book is better than the movie/show. I’d rather read a book than watch the show,  but this list is the opposite.

Gossip Girl
I’m on the second book in the Gossip Girl series, and I’ll admit…I’m not really a huge fan of it. I started watch GG on TV first, and I like it a lot more. Reasons? I love Penn Badgley, always have. And in the books Dan is such a creeper. He writes obsessive poems about Serena and their relationship just isn’t as captivating as on TV.  I’m glad they made him more…appealing and less stalker/psycho in the show. Serena and Blair seem the same character wise, and Nate seems more like a golden boy in the show. Plus, I love Chuck Bass, and he is in the show a lot more than the book. At least from my two books I’ve read.

Dead Until Dark/Sookie Stackhouse Series
True Blood. I can’t get past the first book. It almost is just like the show, which is nice, but I know it’s not the case as the series goes on. I found the book slow. It didn’t capture me right away, but I hear they are better as you go along. I love what HBO has done with the show, and it has such a sexy edge. That’s expected with HBO series.

The Vampire Diaries
I actually LOVE this series and the show is completely addicting. But since the book is just a skeleton for the show, it’s not far to say which is better. They are awesome in different ways. But since I finished watching after reading, I had to add it to the list.

Pretty Little Liars
I haven’t watched the show yet, waiting for it to come out on DVD. I love the books and have read them feverishly! Can’t wait to see what the show is like.

Twilight books are pretty awesome. The movies? Not so much. If the books weren’t around the first movie would have bombed. I watch them just to see how it’s adapted, but have yet to really feel like they are amazing. But I’m an actress, and judge harshly on bad acting…aka Kirsten Stewart.

Well, that’s it. Any thoughts?


2 thoughts on “The Show is Better…

  1. Angela, I have to admit I’ve been living in a hole–deep in the groud. I’ve neve seen any of those show except for the Twilight movies. I agree completely that the movies fall short of the books. Yes, the acting is not so good too. I do like Billy Burke. He did a good job. Peter Facinelli was pretty good too. I am nervous for Kirsten Stewart to give birth to a baby in the next movie. She might do something strange with her face. You know what I mean. Anyway, I should look into The Vampire Diaries. I’ll have to read it beforehand though.

    1. Vamp Diaries is great. The show and the books are really very very different. But both awesome. I like how it’s really about the town. At first people said it was just another Twilight, but it’s so much more. They can’t even compare.

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