Raise Your Glass

“You can’t wait for inspiration, you have to go after it with a club.”
—Jack London

Remember back in November I wrote about a really awesome rejection I received on a full? If not, it’s not too far back…go read it.

Anyways, after months of editing and revising—then revising again…and two different endings later…I finally finished. It was critiqued by the amazing Ryann and Dawn. I’m so happy. Seriously, it’s like the sky opened and angels started singing.

I am absolutely in love with the changes. It really took my story to a complete different level and myself, as a writer, was really challenged. I winced a few times after Dawn told me something sucked (not that she’d say sucked, it’s not really the English way lol, but boring or the infamous ‘Angela, I know you can do better than that!’, which I appreciate like crazy.) There’s nothing like being pushed. To have people who know you well enough to tell you the truth and encourage you to do better.

I made changes that needed to get done that might not have otherwise.  So today I am ecstatic and really really really happy. I know it’s not over. I know if I get signed by an agent then this book will go through the ringer again. A book is never done until it’s on a shelf for sale.

But right now, it’s time to celebrate, query, cross my fingers and finish working on my other projects.




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