Cell Block Tango

I’ve had Cell Block Tango from Chicago in stuck in my head for like a week. Everywhere I go, I’m like “He had it comin’ , he had it comin’” people probably think I’m insane, but at least I haven’t started dancing randomly…yet.

I think writing and constructing a concept from scratch is a lot harder than editing.  I’m working on my first paranormal book. No vampire or werewolf love, lol. But a concept I hope is fresh and new, though it’s rare to find too much now-a-days. And I’m not writing it because of the fad of paranormal, I’m writing it because the idea wouldn’t leave my head. I read a book written in third person. Most of what I read is first, but after reading it, I thought, hrm, maybe I should try it, just to see if I’m any good.

So not only am I branching out from contemporary high school dramas, I’m taking on a new style of writing and it’s a blast. It took me a few months to hammer in the story, bouncing between different ideas until the right one hit me. Think a super twist on my favorite fairy-tale Sleeping Beauty meets Revelation. It’s fun and exciting with character that challenge me daily. Especially the guys I’m writing. Sometimes I wish I didn’t know their back stories, because I’m so excited about them I want to open the can of worms I can’t. lol.

Update on my book out to query THE PROS AND CONS OF BREATHING: Things are going well, and I’m loving the feedback so far. I got a full from a really amazing agent so keep your fingers crossed.

If you haven’t already, check out my book trailers for COLLIDE at www.youtube.com/angelhett and let me know what you think. I put them together with the help of MMJoe with StandAsOne Productions. (I did the voiceovers)

Saturday Josh and I celebrated our 6 year anniversery. just think, if we hadn’t met at one of Carissa’s infamous parties 6 years ago, we might not be getting married in 134 days…I’m not excited or anything…lol

And I saw this at Downtown Disney and i want it so bad, not only for the wedding but it’s so cute!!

Here is a short Teaser Tuesday from THE PROS AND CONS OF BREATHING.

“Actually, Ariel is Owen James’s sister,” Liam said.

Rhea moved her arms on her hips.

“Ew, didn’t you end up in rehab?” she asked. “Ohmigosh, yeah, I heard about you.” She said to me, then turned to Liam. “It’s nice to see you doing charity work now.”

“Just ignore her, Ariel, her thong must be in a bunch.” Rachel gritted her teeth together, but Rhea didn’t seem to notice; instead her brassy eyes were on Liam and me.

“I’m not wearing any, so that wouldn’t be a problem,” Rhea retorted, her eyebrows flashed at Liam and his hand left the small of my back. He shook his head and looked down at the ground. “You always liked that, didn’t you, baby?”

A smile crept across my lips. “Wait, I think I heard about you too! You were the whore my brother dated last fall, right? The one he screwed and dumped in the same night, yeah, that’s definitely you. He was right, you look kindda loose.”


I chose this scene because i know how much Ryann loves it. lol.




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