Trailer Park Dreams

Reposting some of the trailers for COLLIDE that I did last summer. check them out. I had an amazing cast  and crew. (FYI, I did the voiceovers)

Reminder, these are PG-13

“Nobody Needs to Know”
Lucas’s dark past doesn’t stop Madison from falling for him. Regardless of how her friends try to reach out to her, she can’t turn back now. She trapped, suffocated by Lucas. Maddie fears there’s only one out.

“Truth or Lies”
All-Star athlete, Lucas Valentino has his eye on Madison, the ‘drama freak’. But he has a reputation, one Madison is well aware of, plus, her best friend has had a thing for him since elementary school. Against her better judgment she finds herself curious about him, but is it all a joke, like the ones he used to play on her in middle school?

Watch past credits for a suprise…

“Ever-Changing Moments” – MY FAVORITE
There aren’t too many moments in a lifetime you can honestly say, that’s when it all changed

“Sleeping Awake”
Some things aren’t what they seem. Madison and Lucas are one of those things. For years, Drew was the only man in her life, and with the dangerous arrival of Lucas, Drew finds out some unsettling news. Madison is faced with a tough decision.



Shout out to my crew

Dustin Holton
Torrey Taylor
Christina Johnson
Jordan Weber
Savannah Fuss
Austin Hammesfahr
Candice Brown

StandAsOne Productions
SBN Studios

Hope you enjoy!


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