Mixed Tape

One of the wonderful things about music is how it can bring to you a place or mindset. The moment you close your eyes a world fills yours mind. it’s a beautiful thing.

So my question is, when you’re writing, what does your playlist consist of?

At first I loved listening to angsty teen music, but then I found myself singing in my head and not focusing on the scene at hand. I needed music without works to really make me focus. I skimmed my iPod and found a lot of symphony, instrumental music. Mostly from different Disney movies (Does it really surprise you?).

I started this when working on my paranormal WIP. The Little Mermaid and songs from Aaron Zigman were the first ones on that playlist. Say what you want about Disney, but they have amazingly intense music. Music I needed to get my blood boiling and fingers moving.

95% of the time now I listen to classical, symphony music while writing. I have over 150 songs, from Trans Siberian orchestra to Disney, Mozart, Debussy,  Bach, the Nutcracker, other ballets, the options are endless. Those really do it for me, unless I know a song that fits the scene perfectly and need it to make my emotions rise.

With COLLIDE, which I am now rewriting, I used a lot of angst music to help me get in the scenes, since it’s a book that deals a lot with abuse.

So, I ask you….what’s on your writing playlist?


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