Critique Partners and the Metaphorical Tunnel

I’ve been MIA lately working on my latest novel. It’s dun, dun, dunnnnn…a paranormal. My first one ever. It started out as an experiment, “let’s see if I can pull off writing in third person.” And to my surprise, it’s turned into something bigger than I’ve ever imaged. It’s been hard, I beat my head into the desk, my fingers are sore and my brain aches, but it’s worth it. There are mistakes I’ve made in the past and refuse to let my weaknesses as a writer come through in this story.

Anyways, this post isn’t about that…..

Finding the right critique partner is a lot like dating.

Stressful, strenuous and you meet a lot of bad before you find Mister or Misses Right.

I’ve been on an unsuccessful hunt to find a new critique partner. I have two right now…one is in edits and working hard with her agent and the other isn’t swapping now. But I have this book festering, waiting for some kind of feedback. So I decided to attempt the processes of finding another. Let me tell you, finding two took me forever! It wasn’t easy, it   wasn’t fun and they both came from twitter, one that reached out to me and we became friends and one I was already friends with.

I found that some people are really short, send mss over. That’s it, no questions no “what’s it about”, no get-to-know-you questions. Just bam! In for the kill.  LIKE dating, I like to have a talk, get to know someone before feeling comfortable sending the first chapter over to a complete stranger.  It seems less and less that people are interested in building that relationship. I want warm fuzzies. I want to talk to that person, eventually bounce ideas between and talk about life. Yes, finding the perfect critique partner is like finding a soul mate. In my life I have two—wonderful, talented, perfect friends that write books. Why must you “kiss” a ton of frogs just to find that one…or third one in my case, lol.

So I ask you, was it easy to find your critique partner? How many frogs did you kiss before finding the perfect one?

Are you looking for a critique partner? Email me! Angelhett (at) gmail (dot) com and we can chat!! I write YA!


Oh, side bar, only 78 days till I get married!!!!


2 thoughts on “Critique Partners and the Metaphorical Tunnel

  1. Dude, I always have time to read your stuff; I love it! As for crit partners and me, I agree—a crit partner needs to be someone that you genuinely want to see improve, who you genuinely want to help, whose talent you genuinely believe in, and vice versa.

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