In the Moment

Everyone has that book, that one book that sparked something inside of you.

Most writers will say a classic or a children’s story they remember reading as a child. Or maybe it was something your mom or dad read while tucking you in bed. And while my mother never ceased reading me fairy tales or Berenstain Bear books (those were my favorite), I’ll always remember the desire to read a play instead of a book. In fact, when I read books I often read them aloud, playing out the voices because acting was more exciting them getting transported into another world.

But then my cousin (and now Maid of Honor) Jill handed me the book, Someone like You by Sarah Dessen. I was 15, struggling through classics English teachers crammed down my throat. But I’ll never remember how it felt reading Halley’s story. I (spoiler alert!) remember being amazed by the ending, how it wasn’t that happy boy-ends-up-with-girl joy. And Sarah carries that through with most of her books. It’s not all happy endings, it’s life. It’s crazy and unpredictable and you don’t always get the guy.

From that moment on, like an animal I grabbed every book out by Sarah and anxiously awaited new stories. To me, her books are the kind I can read over and over, even Dreamland, a story about a girl in an abusive relationship. They’re poetic and written perfectly to capture my imagination. I wish more of her books were turned into movies, the world is missing out on beautiful stories. Oh, and if someone wants to make a movie from one of her books, you should choose The Truth About Forever. That’s my favorite book to date, I think I’ve read it a million times.

So while Are You There God, It’s Me Margaret BY Judy Blume got me interested in books, it’s Sarah’s books that make me keep reading, that sparked love for young adult books back in my soul. It’s her books that make me strive to become published. So one day, when my books are published, I can meet her and she just might like what I’ve written too. Haha. Anyways.

Happy Publishing Day, Sarah Dessen, you deserve it.

But next time, can you NOT announce over a year in advance that you have a new book coming out, because it’s been torture, lol, but it’s been a fun ride watching everything unfold.

Now, go out and buy What Happened to Goodbye today! If you haven’t done so, check out her other books…




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