Angel Burn by L.A Weatherly

Sixteen-year-old Willow is a gifted mechanic and psychic living in upstate New York. When she does a reading for her classmate Beth, who is planning on joining the cultlike Church of Angels, Willow becomes scared; Beth thinks she’s been blessed by an angel, but Willow sees that the “angel” feeds on humans’ life force, poisoning bodies and damaging minds while leaving the victim euphoric. At 17, Alex has been an angel assassin for years, but when he receives orders to kill Willow, he’s confused–she’s not his typical target, and he’s suspicious about why she’s been marked for death. Looking for answers, Alex rescues Willow and takes her on the run, trying to foil the angels’ plans before all of humanity is lost.

Angel Burn is a very solidly well-written book with an epic plot. My best friend recommended this book to me a couple of weeks back. I bought it last week and instantly I was hooked. Weatherly’s writing is captivating and adrenaline-fueled. It alternates POV, mostly with Willow (first person) then to Alex (third person). I thought it was very creative to only do first person from Willow’s POV.

My first instinct when I learned that Angel’s weren’t good…was…whoa, that’s different. It wasn’t even as if they were fallen angels that rejected the good life, the Angels were like vampires, feeding off the energy of humans. At first I was a little guarded because of my beliefs and I could see if some didn’t like the book due to the twist on the church. It was the line, God might not be there for you, but the angel are (something like that). It kind of lurched in my throat a bit, but it washed away quickly. It’s a book for goodness sake, but it doesn’t talk badly about Christians, so it shouldn’t really upset anyone.  Since the spectrum of Christianity is not really mentioned at all, it didn’t bother me that the angels are evil. The angels actually reminded me more of aliens than angels.

The character development was so strong and solid. I loved Willow as a strong female character. Alex is strong and kick-butt and sorrowful all at the same time. Their relationship has strengths and weaknesses like any other. I will say though, that I felt their relationship was a little too much, “I’d die without you” but then again, she’s 15/16, so what can you expect. I’m a little over that theme in books.

I’ll admit that I was let down by the ending. The book was so amazing and the end, in my option, didn’t live up to my expectation. Still, I’d recommend the book and I’ll read the next two in the trilogy. They are captivating, and beautifully written, but if you aren’t into mushy stuff, don’t read it, by the end it’s all mushy. A little too much for my taste and I LOVE mushy YA romance.

Bottom line: this is a long book, and reading each and every page was pure addiction.


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