Edits and Revisions, Oh my!


Music Monday: Monster by Skillet


Friday I completed my second round of revisions. I use the word second very loosely considering I went through and edited when I hit a wall. Still I have a lot of work to do—technical edits, line edits, and all that jazz before I find some critique partners to flush through it. But it’s coming along father nicely.

With my last book I learned a lot. My flaws were exposed, showing me everything I did wrong as a writer and I ultimately didn’t get the agent I wanted because of it. That won’t happen this time. Determination is a huge motivator and the mistakes I made in the past novel will not carry into this one. And more than anything I can’t wait to send her a query on this one and get another chance with her.

I’m taking huge leaps with this mss. Normally, I write contemporary, first-person young adult. This one is third-person, urban fantasy YA. And it was NOT easy, but through the struggles…especially in the beginning…I feel like I’ve really grown. Sometimes the best medicine is to go outside your comfort zone. As an actress I loved it, especially since I was usually type-casted as the comedic relief/dumb blonde. I relished the chance to do something different, darker. That’s why I love writing dark because I’m completely the opposite. Still it hits a part of my soul that is only exposed with ink and paper.

Anyways, I’m really anxious to finish editing, because I have a great feeling about my mss, THE SCARLETT LULLABY. But with the end of this round comes countless others, plus query letter writing and synopsis (gag!).

Any advice on writing a query for a story that has multiple POVs????


Love’s transient, like a cherry blossom—beautiful, delicate but quick in death. Just like life.



2 thoughts on “Edits and Revisions, Oh my!

  1. Great post! Just remember, the aim of your QL is to intrigue an agent into wanting to read the story. I’d stick with the main protagonist, the quest and the conflict.

    Can’t wait to read your polished draft!!! <3<3<3

  2. Wow, we definitely have a lot in common. I totally agree about the best thing being to stretch yourself by leaving your comfort zone. I write the same type of books and I used to act also. 😀

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