Adding to the Noise

“Love’s transient, like a cherry blossom—beautiful, delicate but quick in death.” -The Scarlett Lullaby

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(Disclaimer, I just finished reading THE FUTURE OF US by Jay Asher & Carolyn Mackler, so I’ve been on a 90’s kick!!)

You know that feeling you get after finishing a manuscript?

For an instant you feel like a weight has been lifted off your shoulders. Well, i’m relishing in that moment because I know by tomorrow it will be gone.

The last edits on my newest book, THE SCARLETT LULLABY are complete. now time to have Betas and CPs read it and tell me if it’s any good. Lucky for me, I have some CPs who have been with me for the ride, so I know it isn’t terrible.

But I’m just so excited. I’m closer to querying. The hardest part is about to begin. While Betas are reading I’ll be crafting a query letter and a synopsis.

I told my husband that I finished and he said, “Oh, so are you going to send query letters out now?”

And at first I started to respond, until I registered what he said. I talk about query letters a lot, especially with writing friends and even to the husband. But for those of you who don’t know him….I was 95% sure he tuned me out and nodded along when query-talk comes up…

So when he said that I grinned and said…”Aw, you remembered query letters. You DO listen to me!”

That made my day. It’s the simple things.

Anyway. I am looking for some Beta Readers and i suck at finding them so if you are one and you’re reading this and you’re interested, email me.

Here is a bit about my book:

 Young Adult Urban Fantasy

The only thing worse than seeing the past and the future, is trying to figure out your own. Which is exactly what sixteen-year-old Scarlett Lux is trying to do. But every time she gets close, Konstantine—Majester of The Society of Assassins—sends one of his minions to capture her.

Lucky for her, Mason Salvatore, an assassin royal, and the mysterious Sebastian Andersson are ready to spring into action to keep her alive. The problem with two hot guys hanging on your every move? Whenever they are in ten feet of each other a fight transpires. But there’s no time for jealousy; not when Konstantine is trying to kill her for her light—the power to melt the barriers between realms—a power Scarlett doesn’t know she posses.

Now, Scarlett has to hurry to uncover the past before it kills her.   

The Scarlett Lullaby is a twist off the classic fairytale Sleeping Beauty with underlining themes from Helen of Troy. Complete at 88, 516 words!


Now off to work on critiques for my amazing writerly friends who have been EVER so patient with me!!




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