Love on the Rocks

The stories were mistaken. True love didn’t triumph over all. True love was sold to the highest bidder.
– The Scarlett Lullaby

Side note: The above link/video is a clip of the song DROWING by Particle Blue, the band I am in 🙂 DROWNING is a song on our EP which you can buy on AMAZON & iTunes. PS, my husband is the one playing lead geetar 🙂

I’m behind on the Teaser Tuesday, but I wanted to post a small clip of my current novel THE SCARLETT LULLABY, a young adult urban fantasy twist on the fairytale Sleeping Beauty. Current status: working on my query. Hoping to be done by the end of the month!!

 I hope you enjoy the small sample!

“I thought you’d know better by now.” The book slipped to the ground as Sebastian leapt to his feet. A long white robe draped the man before him. Despite the flecks of gray, his short blonde mimicked Sebastian’s. As did his grey eyes.  “Why are you doing this to yourself, again. It pains me to see you hurt. We hoped once you learned of her vacant memory you’d come back to us—back home.”

“She’ll remember.” Though he wasn’t sure if he believed that, especially after speaking with Wrenée, but he had to try.

“Please, son, come home. Save yourself the heartbreak. I spoke to the other elders, with little effort, we can sever the bond between you and the princess, and you can be free. Live with us, marry, and not be a slave to your charge.”

Sebastian’s anger flared. How dare he march in out of nowhere and speak of such blasphemies. Only once had a Beskyddares cut ties with their charge. The trial took months and even afterward, the Beskyydare was never the same. He lived and died miserably. And who would he possibly marry when he heart had been given away so long ago?

“I will never abandon her,” Sebastian growled. “One hundred years and I’m still as loyal as I was the day she first became mine. I’m sorry, father, but that shall never change.”

Sebastian could hardly believe what his father asked of him. To leave the one person he loved. To leave all he knew. Growing up, the mission had been embedded in his mind. They come first. Yet his father, an elder, longed for Sebastian to be selfish and leave her.

“The truth is,” his father said. “Scarlett doesn’t know who you really are or your past together. You have a chance here, one to start anew and permit her live a life without the barriers of forbidden love. One hundred years or not, Scarlett is still the daughter of the highest king.  And you, Sebastian, are a mere Beskyddare unworthy of someone with her ranking. Princesses marry princes, not servants.”

No matter how Sebastian spun the cards, he knew what his father said was the truth. The stories were mistaken. True love didn’t triumph over all. True love was sold to the highest bidder.

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