Treading Water

(Inspiration for my newest WIP)

Is it me, or does time move slower when you are querying agents?

After many sleepless nights, loads of editing, research and rewrites, I am finally querying my newest book, The Scarlett Lullaby a Young Adult twist on Sleeping Beauty. This is my third book and with it, I’ve learned so-so much.

This isn’t the first time I’ve dove into the world of querying, this is though, the first time I’ve entered contests. Man, are there a lot out there and the timing has to be perfect too! The window is small and they only take so many entries. I’ve only managed to actually enter two so far, mostly because my attention isn’t on searching the internet but more on the newest book I’m working on. Think Once Upon a Time meets Sky High with a dash of Wicked but different and fun and full of storybook characters and princesses who are supposed to be good but are really evil.

Right after I sent out my first round of queries the concept bubbled in my mind. The characters were fun and real and I couldn’t stop writing—I’m up to 30 now!

When you’re a writer you surround yourself with writers—and the ones around me? Well, they all seem to be succeeding—finding agents, getting published, requests on queries, winning contests, the list goes on and on. And I’m so so happy for them, I am—really. At the same time you can’t help but be a little jealous. This industry is all about waiting and God likes to test my patience, so here I am, starting from scratch with a new book and burying myself in new characters as I learn to make this book better than the last.

You know what I have learned? My husband pretty much rocks. I mean, he has always been supportive and encouraging, but lately, when doubt trickles into my mind, he rides in on some white horse I didn’t know we owned with amazing words of encouragement. My husband is many things—amazing guitarist, musician, person, friend, father to our two doxins, etc—but he’s never been great with words, that’s always been me. I’m the word person who knows what to say to make someone back off the ledge. But lately he’s been on the ball. The other night his brilliance really shinned through and helped me when I was feeling a little down.

He said: “You wrote three books. Three! How many people can really say they wrote three books? And whether or not you become published, you will always have those books. They belong to you. They are proof of your hard work and effort and just because they don’t end up on some shelf in the bookstore doesn’t mean you aren’t good enough. It just means it isn’t your time yet. Just like with the band. Our songs will always be our songs and they’ll stay with us forever. We may never get signed by a label but we’ll always have fans who love our music and who feel like it touched them in some way, just like you will always have people who will love your books. Don’t lose sight of what you’ve accomplished. There are so many people out there who try and try to write a book and fail. But you haven’t failed, not one but. You have a gift, that’s all that matters.”

Husband of the year? I think so.

I’ll leave it at that because no other words could beat the awesomeness that is my husband.

Ciao~ Angela

P.S. – John Carter came out!! Why am I so excited you ask? Well, beyond the awesomeness the ever-so-sexy Tim Riggins is the MC. Yes…that is so drool worthy.

P.S.S – HUNGER GAMES comes out soon. Who is going at midnight. This girl is!

P.S.S.S (Last one, I promise) – I have a new page devoted to THE SCARLETT LULLABY please check it out and let me know what you think!!!!


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