Storybook High

“Now that you’re here, now that they know you exist, you’ll never be free again. Ever. We’re prisoners to our books, our fates planned long before we were born.”

– Storybook High (working title), current WIP

Currently I am querying my latest novel, THE SCARLETT LULLABY, a YA twist on the classic fairy tale Sleeping Beauty. but this post isn’t about Scarlett, this post is about Norah, the MC in my newest novel, the one I’ve been pouring myself into so I don’t think about queries and requests and the waiting game.

Finally, after months of silence, I’m ready to tell you just a little about her.

When nomad teen Norah and her suicidal half-sister are sent to a boarding school in Germany, they’re shocked to learn that their classmates are characters from storybooks. What sucks worse than a psycho obsessive Cinderella as a roommate? Falling in love with a prince who is destined for someone else. And acting on her forbidden desire could re-write the history of our beloved fairy tales forever. Norah soon learns that some princess will do anything to keep their stories safe. Even if it means death.

Think Wicked meets Once Upon a Time meets Sky High with Mean Girls sprinkled in.  This has been so much fun to write thus far. Norah is funny and witty and sarcastic and I love every second of her. Not to mention my supporting character are a blast–Goldilocks, The Big Bad Wolf, Cinderella, Prince Charmings….

To read the first 250 words, check out my BOOKS/PROJECTS  page.

Oh, and here is a picture of the beautiful castle in Germany which inspired my story.

At the speed I’m going, I should be ready to query by this summer.

In other news, May is going to be a super busy month. One friend graduating from law school, other friends having babies, maybe I’ll get in on the mix by snagging an agent. (A girl can hope, right? lol)


The ever-so-amazing Amber Clites is giving away a copy of Wildefire by Karsten Knight. If you haven’t heard of him, you are missing out of some amazing literary goodness….and….he’s not bad on the eyes (NOT BAD AT ALL). For more information on her giveaway, please check out her website. She’s pretty much a rock star.


Ciao ❤


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