Epic Thursdays

Thursdays are officially EPIC

(not a music video, but I do LOVE this song)

Every Thursday the super awesome Amber Clites has a reoccurring blog post where writers sign up and volunteer Epic scenes . These scenes range from: , making out, fights, angry kissing, amazing action, sad kissing, anything awesome and epic.

Last week, Amber posted the Epic Closet Scene, which included hot kissing and wrist pinning. If you haven’t read it, you need to.

Today on Amber’s site, you will get a chance to read the Epic Pancake Scene by writer extraordinaire Carrie Bastyr. I LOVE this scene. After you check it out, go to Carrie’s site where she is giving away a copy of The Selection by Kiera Cass.

Next week you will get to read a scene by Tristina Wright, unofficial ringleader of our small gang of misfits. Also, stay tuned to Epic Thursdays for a scene from my current work in progress,  Storybook High.

Speaking of SBH, I am ALMOST done with this draft, then editing!!! I’m SO excited, I’m pretty sure the entire book is full of epicness, not to mention humor and puns on story book characters. Who doesn’t love a psycho Cinderella, evil princesses and not-so-charming princes?

In other news, hopefully next week my best friend will pop out a beautiful baby girl…which I will spoil to death because she isn’t even here yet and I’ve bought so much stuff for her its insane. Last night I went to Old Navy and bought 2 pajamas, a onesie and matching bottoms and then a freakin’ adorable pink track suit with a princess tiara on the front. In my defense they had a sale. How can you pass up a good sale? This girl is going to be such a fashionista!

Anyways, have a great weekend and Happy Cinco de Mayo!



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