The Lucky Ones

They say good things happen in three’s and this week, they did.

This week has been a week of accomplishment, change & miracles.

As of Tuesday at 1:30am, I finished the first draft of my newest book, Cinderella’s Glass Stiletto.

When nomad teenager Norah and her suicidal half-sister are sent to a boarding school in Germany, they’re shocked to learn that their classmates are characters from storybooks.

This book literally flew out of me faster than any idea I have ever had. Maybe two months tops of writing? Either way, I finished the first draft at around 60-65k, so I will be adding probably another 20k to it in revisions and edits. Nevertheless, I am ecstatic and right on track with my goal to be finished by summer—even though some agents close submissions during that time…we shall see!

Ready for the bigger news?

Most don’t know, so I’ll share a little story. My best friends, Ash & Steph had tried to have a baby for a long time and were even told the chances of them conceiving were slim. But last year, they found out she was pregnant. And on Wednesday, May 9th 2012 at 7:52pm, Piper Renee’ Bedwell graced the world with her presence and I became an unofficial aunt to the most beautiful baby I have ever seen. Weighting it at 6lbs, she is pure perfection and so gorgeous, she captured my heart the moment I saw her. I think the husband said to me at one point last night, “You know you can’t hold her forever, eventually you have to give her back.” And I did…finally.

Piper is a miracle baby. A precious gift from God and I feel so unbelievably blessed to have her and her parents in my life. Over the past year, Ash & Steph have become family to me. So has the rest of the band and I couldn’t imagine my world without such amazing, selfless, caring people. Because they are so much more than my friends, they are family and Steph and Sarah, are the sisters I have always wanted and never got. But now I know why, because now I have them and I am so, so grateful and blessed.

Finally. The third part of this amazing week.

On Saturday at 9am, after 3 long years, my best friend Torrey–yes, I used the most non-professional photo of him I could find lol–is graduating from law school. Yep, law school, so watch out people, my best friend is a lawyer and I can sue you. Just kidding. He has worked so hard for this and despite how much I mock him and say “Law School consists of FBS’ing all day in “class”.” I know he works his butt off. He just happens to be one of those geniuses I hate who remembers everything and anything you tell him. Seriously. He is a sponge of knowledge and I have all the confidence in the world that he will excel at whatever he puts his mind to because that is the person he is. He doesn’t fail, he only gets better.

Like I said, this week has been a week of accomplishments, a week that will go down in the books as one of the best weeks of 2012. So, the rest 2012 has a lot to live up to.

Now I am off. The next few weeks I will be busy editing like a machine to get this book done and off to betas.

Have a great weekend, I know I will.


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