Teaser Tuesday

(how amazing is that video?! Seriously, I have chills)

I am now in the thick of revisions for my newest book CINDERELLA’S GLASS STILETTO, the story of a nomad teen and her suicidal half-sister who arrive at a boarding school in Germany only to learn their classmates are characters from storybooks.

In the teaser below, Norah meets Wolf for the first time. This is from my first chapter and one of my new favorite scenes. Keep in mind this is still rough and needs some polishing.

Without further ado, meet Wolf:

A loud creak of the door drew my attention to the boy entering. An ice pack covered his left eye and blood dried beneath his nose. His glare burned the carpet as he sat in the chair across from me.

The leg of his dark corduroy pants hiked up when he leaned down to tie his black combat boots. Dark brown hair fell in waves along his face, stopping at his chin. My eyes trailed his long, built physique until I spotted the wolf on his forearm—mouth open, fangs exposed in a defensive manner. The drawing looked too permanent to be marker. The edges were feathered and worn, like something that’d been on his skin for years.

“Is that real?” I motioned to his forearm.

“As real as the sun.”

I crinkled my nose. “Why’d you pick a wolf?”

He shrugged and the icepack fell, showing off the beginning of what would be a nasty black eye. “He tells me what to do.” Well, that made perfect sense.

“Did he tell you to get that black eye?” I asked. “No offense, but it looks like you lost.”

He chuckled and rubbed one hand over his jaw. The stubble made him appear older than a guy in high school, plus he was tall, with broad shoulders and muscles made to crush bones. “You never saw the other guy.” The light bounced off the wolf ring on his index finger. His dark eyes trailed over my body, as if he were seeing me for the first time. “You the new girl from the states?”

“One of them. How’d you know?”

“People talk.”

No matter how many schools I attended, knowing people talked always made me cringe. “What did they say?”

“They didn’t say you’d be dirty.”

“Well,” I crossed one leg over the other and shrugged. “Life is full of disappoints.”

“Touché.” A devious grin twitched at the edge of his lips. “What’d you say your name was?”

“I didn’t.”

“Right.” A chuckle, deep and low rumbled in his throat. “I’m Wolf.”

I narrowed my eyes, holding in a smile. Wolf, really? That was his name. Man, he really embraced the whole wolf-name-look persona. “Creative.”

“Isn’t it?” I held in the ironic laughter as Wolf stared me down, again, his eyes held mine as if testing to see who’d break first. “So, you gonna tell me your name or are we going to keep going back and forth like this. Not that I mind the banter. Our chemistry is undeniable.”

“Chemistry?” I flinched. “There’s no chemistry.”

“Keep telling yourself that.” His rested his elbows on his knees and leaned closer to me. My throat tightened. Heat flowed from his body to mine like a wave slamming me against the back of the sofa. “The truth is always hard to accept. Especially when it’s this good.” He gestured to himself.

My jaw dropped. “What are you insinuating?”

Wolf leaned back, a tight smile playing with his lips. “Oh, you know.”


I hope you enjoyed a bit of Norah and Wolf. I post one liners from time to time on  Twitter, so if you aren’t follow me, you can find me at @angela_francis.

Oh, but I can’t sign off without reminding everyone…

 PRETTY AMY by Lisa Burstein is out now!

Amy is fine living in the shadows of beautiful Lila and uber-cool Cassie, because at least she’s somewhat beautiful and uber-cool by association. But when their dates stand them up for prom, and the girls take matters into their own hands—earning them a night in jail outfitted in satin, stilettos, and Spanx—Amy discovers even a prom spent in handcuffs might be better than the humiliating “rehabilitation techniques” now filling up her summer. Worse, with Lila and Cassie parentally banned, Amy feels like she has nothing—like she is nothing.

Navigating unlikely alliances with her new coworker, two very different boys, and possibly even her parents, Amy struggles to decide if it’s worth being a best friend when it makes you a public enemy. Bringing readers along on an often hilarious and heartwarming journey, Amy finds that maybe getting a life only happens once you think your life is over.

Lisa is awesome, so please check out her book. Its amazing. And I love supporting rock star writers…you should too.

Happy Tuesday.



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