Daemon Invasion Tour and Onyx

Once upon a time my lovely friend, Tristina, turned me onto the Lux series and from that moment, I developed an unhealthy obsession with all things Daemon.

I have read Obsidian way too many times to admit. So when I saw Jennifer L. Armentrout  was going on tour with Pepe Toth and Sztella Tziotoziosz (if you haven’t seen them…one, you are so missing out on the hotness and two, yet again…missing out) I knew I had to go. There wasn’t a question really. My husband asked me like a hundred times if I REALLY wanted to drive up to Jax just for a few hours just to get a book. Obviously, he doesn’t understand the amazingness of these books….

I asked my friend, Amber, if she wanted to go with me. She read Obsidian, fell in love and we took a lovely 4 hour road trip from Clearwater to Jacksonville this past Sunday. And 4 hours doesn’t seem too bad, until you realize it is 8 hours round trip AND you have to get up at the crack of dawn and most of the way home I was white-knuckle driving through the rain. BUT IT WAS SO WORTH IT. Not only did I get to meet the models, but I got to meet and talk to Jennifer Armentrout. I could write a whole blog post on how awesome and friendly and real she is, but I’ll just say, that she is hands down, the nicest author I have ever met. If you have a chance to go out and meet everyone during the Daemon Invasion tour, please do. It’s so exciting.

Not only did I get to meet hot models, take pictures with Pepe (DIES!) and meet Jennifer. I also got an ARC of ONYX. SQUEEEEEEAAALLLLL!!!

Onyx is hands down, one of the best books I have ever read.  This book is darker and grittier than the last. In Obsidian you are learning about a lot. In Onyx…shit hits the fan. And I imagine the next book shit will REALLY hit the fan. It’s an intense, page turning novel that will make you squeal and say OMG. I know I did as I read it, texting my friend who’s already read it as I read.

Katy is stronger here, more determined and Daemon. Oh, for the love of alien babies everywhere, Daemon is fantastic and hot and beyond what you could ever imagine. He develops on a new level that makes you love him even more. There is a lot of deceit in Onyx, so many times I freaked out while putting connecting the dots.

If you haven’t read Shadows you NEED to do it before you read ONYX. Besides how sweet Dawson is, there is a lot of connection between this book and Shadows and if you don’t read it, it won’t have the same OMG factor. I mean, you’ll still flip, but you’ll flip more after you know what happened in Shadows.

To wrap up without any spoilers since ONYX doesn’t officially come out till August 14th…I laughed, I cried, I gasped and let me tell you…SO MUCH KISSING. And I know I love the kissing!!!!

In conclusion, you NEED to read this book. Need as in, your life depends on it.

And to Jennifer…you are a genius. If there was an award for best guy/love interest in a book (There may be, if not, they SHOULD have awards!!), you’d win. Hands down. There is NO competition.








4 thoughts on “Daemon Invasion Tour and Onyx

  1. If being obsessed with this series and loving the shit out of Jennifer is wrong, I don’t give a damn.


    THE JEALOUSY I HAVE FOR YOU IS THIS BIG. *holds hands really far apart*

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